4 Gifts to Put in Your Baby Gift Set from Singapore

Do you have a friend or family member that has recently given birth? Motherhood can be challenging and scary, but as a part of the new mother’s support system, you’ll be able to help her get ready for her new life. One of the ways you can do so is by gifting her baby shower gifts from Singapore. By giving her something useful for her and her baby, you’ll help her stay prepared for whatever motherhood throws at her. If you’re looking for ideas on preparing your gift basket, here are four gifts you can consider.

3-in-1 Blanket/Towel/Swaddle

Some of the things a newborn needs most are a swaddle, a blanket, and a towel. But did you know that many baby stores have combined the three into one product? A 3-in-1 blanket/towel/swaddle is incredibly convenient for when the mother is travelling so that she can adjust to anything the baby needs. Plus, if you’re saving money and only want to make a cheap baby hamper, you can buy a 3-in-1 for a fraction of the price of a separate blanket, towel, and swaddle.

Teether Chain

Babies experience pain when their teeth start to grow in, and one way to relieve them of that pain is by giving them something to bite. The pressure they put on their teeth gives them temporary relief. For this reason, consider adding a teether chain to the baby gift set from Singapore. The mother can attach it anywhere she wants, ensuring the baby always has it when they need it most.


We know how messy babies are when they eat. After all, they’re still practising their motor skills, and eating is an excellent test of hand-eye coordination and gripping skills. By including a set of new bibs in the baby gift set from Singapore, she can spare herself a lot of time cleaning the mess after a baby eats.


Toys can help stimulate the child’s brain and keep them entertained, so having plenty of them is a must. You can include toys in your baby gift set from Singapore, too. For example, newborns love rattle toys because of the unfamiliar sound. You can also have a stuffed toy for the baby to snuffle with at night.

Are you too busy to create your own gift set? Check out Pineapple and buy a pre-arranged baby girl gift set from Singapore. Their gift sets include a teether chain, bib sets, and a 3-in-1 blanket/towel/swaddle, ensuring the new mother has everything she needs. Look through their various baby hampers by visiting Pineapple’s website today.

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