5 Funeral And Condolence Flower Etiquette In Singapore

Sending funeral wreaths is far different from sending a birthday flower for delivery in Singapore. There are crucial etiquettes that you should consider and follow.

Here are the funeral flower etiquettes that you should know:

1. Funeral flowers VS Sympathy flowers

Did you know that funeral blooms and sympathy flowers are different from each other?

Funeral flowers are for the deceased person. The condolence flower stand is sent to the memorial venue. These flowers bear the messages, such as “you will be missed”.

Sympathy flowers are for the bereaved family. This condolence wreath in Singapore is sent to their homes. You can also hand them to the family at the memorial venue. These flowers bear messages, like “we are so sorry for your loss” or “thinking of you at this difficult time”.

2. Relationship with the deceased

The condolence wreath you can send in Singapore depends on your relationship with the deceased.

If you are an immediate family, you can opt for large arrangements to be placed near the casket.

If you are friends with the deceased person, you can give the immediate family small or medium arrangements.

If you are a colleague, it is best to opt for small arrangements.

3. Appropriate flowers

Most people choose white flowers for a safer choice and avoid colourful ones.

There are no restrictions when it comes to the colours of funeral flowers. You can choose vibrant blooms to represent the bold and colourful life of the deceased person. But asking the family regarding their preferred flowers would not hurt.

4. Sympathy gifts

If you can’t find flower delivery services in Singapore, you can opt for alternative sympathy gifts, such as potted plants and gourmet baskets that contain fruits, chocolates, and biscuits.

5. Flowers after the funeral

Yes, you can send a small sympathy flower arrangement to the family or grave flowers to the cemetery weeks or months after the funeral.

You can now choose funeral flowers with confidence knowing the proper etiquette.

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