5 Tips to Efficiently Choose Boys and Girls Clothes at Shops and Online

These five tips will make picking boys or girls clothes at shops and online easier for you.

#1 Select an Overall Colour Scheme

Choose the clothes of your children according to a singular colour scheme. It makes picking and adding pieces more efficient. The colour scheme also makes it more efficient to dress your kids in hues and shades that flatter each other. It is easier to coordinate if the dress you bought for your girls can match a piece or two of your clothes.

#2 Choose Fabrics that Will Hold Up to Multiple Washing

Most T-shirt materials do not hold up well and never look as beautiful after a few washes. Some of the favourite textiles of most mothers include non-stretchy cotton, twills, soft denim, and chambrays. This tip is one of the best advice for any multi-child household since hand-me-downs are the most common.

#3 Go for Classic Shapes with Fun Patterns

Try not to choose fashionable pieces that rapidly get dated. It is best to put your kids on simple button down shirts and sweaters that boast fun little details. It will let the next child use the same pieces years later.

#4 Take Note of What They Like

Each kid often has different styles and preferences. It is best to learn what they prefer over imposing yours. It will only cause a big battle to break with no one winning in the end. Most times, the choice is between a pair of pants and a skirt for girls. On the other hand, it can be choosing between pants, shorts or details when it comes to clothes for boys.

#5 Keep the Weather in Mind

Fur-lined boots and heavy sweaters do not match the Singapore climate. Choose items that are appropriate for the Singapore weather. It is best to choose pieces with festive themes which can still convey your holiday cheer.

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