6 Beauty Products You Need to Add to Your Ritual

Do you ever feel lost when it comes to beauty? There are just so many regimens to choose from and so many people telling you how they think beauty should be done, whether it be with your skincare regimen or your makeup routine. The beauty industry is full of opinions, but at the end of the day, it’s all about what works for you.

Finding reliable brands and Best whitening cream in Pakistan products that work for you specifically is what’s important. After all, each person is different. The best way to start is by figuring out what your routine is missing, and find brands that you know you can trust. Here are a few products which you should definitely add to your routine to be your most beautiful self, inside and out.


This step is something not many people know they need but is essential for long term skin health. Toners are different from astringents which can be too harsh on the skin because they contain alcohol. This basically strips the skin of its natural oils. Toners, on the other hand, are formulated as a gentle exfoliant for the skin. If you decide to add a toner to your regimen, be sure you know what type of skin you have. A toner with glycolic acid is beneficial for most skin types because it helps support cell turnover.


Serums are jam-packed with nutrients that your skin is missing. Depending on what your skin needs, whether it’s dry, oily, wrinkly, or inflamed, serums can help regulate these issues and give you a glow from within. However, be aware of the fact that there are plenty of skincare companies that fill their serums with perfumes and needless filler ingredients that can harm your skin. Trust Biologic has a CBD serum that assists with daily skincare regimes. Make sure you look for a serum that helps to lock in moisture, is safe for sensitive skin, and won’t cause irritation.

Face Mask

No, this doesn’t mean your cloth mask to protect you from the Covid-19 pandemic. This refers to a mud mask to help alleviate any skin problems you may be having. You need to find a face mask with a chemical exfoliant, like ones that use fruit acids in their formulas. It’s important to note that exfoliants such as clay masks and scrubs cause microabrasions on the skin which can actually cause more skin issues in the long run. Instead of encouraging cell turnover for softer and smoother skin, these harsh exfoliants can actually cause your skin to become rough and cause irritation.

Facial Massager

These products seem a bit eccentric, but they actually can be really beneficial to your skin if used on a regular basis. Using a facial massager at the end of your skincare routine, especially after you’ve finished applying your serums and moisturizer, will help your skin to absorb any products you use on your face more efficiently. These tools also aid in drawing blood to your skin’s surface, which encourages cell turnover.

Skin Tint

Once you’ve gotten a solid skincare routine that you can commit to, you’re not going to need a heavy foundation. Try switching to a lighter formula such as a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer for a natural glow.


Having great lashes will make your eyes shine so brightly no matter what kind of eye look you’re going for. False lashes are so versatile and have an excuse to be worn for any occasion. Even if you’re someone who has shorter lashes and mascara doesn’t quite do the job, a pair of false lashes can really enhance your look. The thing about falsies is that they can be messy and a hassle. Traditional lash glue can get all over the place and potentially ruin your entire makeup look and leave gunk all over your lash line and lids, making traditional falsies a pain.

Luckily, with development in lash products excelling, there is a solution to your lash problem. Magnetic lashes are so easy to apply that there aren’t any excuses left for you to not wear a great pair of falsies. The best magnetic eyelashes have tiny magnets dispersed over the lash band to increase the hold on the magnetic liner. To apply, you simply need to swipe a line of magnetic liner along your natural lash line (preferably on top of a gel liner or liquid liner of your choice) and wait for it to get tacky. After about 30 seconds, you take a magnetic lash, line it up with your outer corner, and set it onto the magnetic liner. Be sure to gently press the false lash to the liner for an extra strong hold. If you need to trim the lash, make sure to remove length one magnet at a time starting at the outer corner. Be sure to never resize your lash from the inner corner.

Whether you’re a beginner or a beauty expert, not having to deal with messy glue getting all over your lashes and bringing tweezers near your eye is a big win. If you’re at all worried about having magnets around your eyes, keep in mind that makeup products are FDA regulated and are therefore only marketed for their intended use. These lashes can be worn with a natural look and appear like your own natural lashes, or you can wear a dramatic cat-eye shape for a special occasion like date night!

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