6 Things You Should Never Do While Wearing Daily Contact Lenses In Singapore

For people with poor eyesight, daily contact lenses in Singapore keep them from hitting the pole on their way home. Who hasn’t been called a snob after failing to recognise someone on the street because of their blurred vision? Contacts help us evade embarrassment, but did you know that they can do harm, too?

Here are the harmful habits you should avoid while wearing contacts:

1. Applying and removing your contacts with dirty hands

It is a no-brainer; you must wash and disinfect your hands before applying or removing your myopia control lenses in Singapore. You can transfer the bacteria, virus, and other germs from your hands to your contacts. Wearing dirty and contaminated contacts could lead to infection.

2. Swimming with your contacts on

Regardless of whether you are swimming in a pool, freshwater lake, or ocean, these bodies of water carry microorganisms. The contact lens you bought online in Singapore may harbour these microorganisms if you expose them to these bodies of water.

3. Falling asleep with your contacts on

No matter how drowsy you are, make sure to remove your contacts before sleeping. Leaving your contact lenses on can cause irritation, vision damage, dry eyes, and bacterial growth.

4. Exposing your lenses to heat

Exposing your contact lenses to heat could dry it up and damage its clarity and quality. As much as possible, never leave them under direct sunlight. When the sun is high up outdoors, you can wear branded sunglasses in Singapore for extra protection. Never stand near the grill as well.

5. Irregular cleaning

Make sure to clean your daily contact lenses in Singapore before using them. Never reuse cleaning solutions. Regular cleaning ensures that your contacts do not harbour germs that could cause eye irritation and even infection.

6. Rubbing your eyes

Rubbing your eyes whilst wearing contacts also means rubbing your lenses against your cornea. It could damage your cornea and even lead to serious vision impairment.

Don’t close the shutters of your windows to your soul by having these habits. Get high-quality sunglasses and daily contact lenses in Singapore at Better Vision. Visit Better Vision today.

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