8 Creative Ways To Tell Your Family And Friends That You’re Engaged

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A healthy relationship is one that has a good amount of fun. Being creative with the things that you do as a couple will help you go a long way. Getting engaged is probably one of the first things that you do when you think it’s time to get serious.

However, getting engaged doesn’t have to be all serious. Announcing your engagement to your family and friends can be done in a fun and creative way too. You can use engagement ornaments, announcements from unique locations, and more. Let’s look at 8 options that you have if you want to announce your engagement creatively.

  1. Host a surprise party

Usually, the ones who are going to surprise are the ones that outnumber the ones being surprised. This time, host a party under the guise of something else so you can surprise the guests with the announcement that you’re engaged.

  1. Through a DVD

When was the last time you popped in a DVD? Probably years. Everyone uses streaming services nowadays, so when you give someone a DVD of a video that you want them to watch, they’ll definitely be intrigued. It’s a creative throwback for announcing that you’re engaged.

  1. On a shirt

Couple shirts are not that uncommon nowadays, but couple shirts that declare their engagement are pretty hard to find. If you can don the shirts under a jacket, you can also surprise your family and friends as you announce the engagement.

  1. Pet involvement

If you’re a couple that has a pet, involving them is definitely a fun way to announce your engagement. Customizing the dog tag of your pet or even having them bring the news by wearing the announcement on their head can be unique experiences for friends and family..

  1. Live stream the moment

Before asking the question, you can do a live stream on your social media page. You can wait until the viewers start pouring in before you finally ask the question much to the delight of your significant other and your followers on social media.

  1. Under the slices

Hosting a dinner party and letting everyone have slices of your preferred food (cake, pizza, or whichever you like) only to reveal that you’re engaged is a surprisingly tasty way of letting your friends and family to be in on the news.

  1. Let the kids announce it

If you have children, you can let them help in announcing the engagement by revealing the engagement ornaments to your family and friends. As they raise their eyebrows, your children can announce that their parents are now engaged.

  1. Marked calendar as a gift

Receiving a calendar as a gift will definitely be weird if you want to announce your engagement in the middle of the year. However, once they see the date that you’ve marked on the calendar, your family and friends will be surprised as they find out that you are now engaged.

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