All about Fashion and Cosmetics for Visually Impaired

All about Fashion and Cosmetics for Visually ImpairedFashion and makeup should not be limited to only people who can read about the products and apply and wear it. Every single human being on this planet has the right to look beautiful. It is true that it is the inner beauty that matters, but as they say, a little makeup has never hurt anybody. Cosmetics brand have come a long way since its inception. Many of the brands like Visionary Cosmetics and others have realized that even if someone is visually impaired, they have the right to look as good on outside as someone who is not blind.

The idea of creating a cosmetics line for visually impaired people was revolutionary. Even though a person with low vision can get help from friends and family in applying makeup but the sense of independence is equally important for them just like the rest of the general population.

It is not as easy for a visually impaired person to apply makeup as it is for a person with normal eyesight or blind in one eye. Their cosmetics products need to be manufactured and packaged differently, so as to make it easy for them to know which product is used where. So in those cases, the Braille writing system is used in the packaging of the product. Some of the makeup products available with special Braille packaging for blind people are:


Applying foundation is the most important step while doing makeup, as it is used as the base of makeup. So, it is extremely important for one to know which product is the foundation. With right Braille scripting on the packaging, it would not be any hassle for a person with low vision to choose the right product.


Concealers, as the name suggests, is used to conceal dark under eye, dark spots and blemishes. It is extremely important for people with low vision to know which product to use to do so. Many cosmetics company have started using Braille in the packages for different shade range in foundations and concealers to make it easier.


Eye Shadow Palettes:

Eye shadow palettes manufacturing company have now started making eye shadow range labelled with Braille for the people who have low vision or no eyesight taking the cosmetic industry by storm.Just like these three makeup products, there are few other which uses the Braille writing system are Lipsticks and lip glosses, setting powder and setting spray, and makeup remover. The lipsticks can easily glide on with their formula.


While most people like to use different sets and sizes of make to brushes to apply their products, for visually impaired it is highly recommended to use the tips of their finger. As with brush, they can miss some spots like the corner of their eyes and ears, so the formula used in these products are easy to apply with fingers. That way it is easy to not miss out on any spot, and the feeling of the fingertips makes it easier for them to know if they do miss any.

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