All you need to know about Courtney Sarofim

Courtney Sarofim is a sovereign of making her look in her busy schedule. It keeps herself updated with the latest fashion. She is the working mother of 2-year-old Lousia and 10-year-old stepdaughter, Jillian. She has very less time for fashion. She always goes for simple and trendy looks.

She is married to Christopher Sarofim of Fayez Sarofim & Co. she is an avid runner and a travel enthusiast. In the best-dressed announcement party at Neiman Marcus, she wore a lively pink taffeta puffed skirt and rose crystal t-shirt.

She has a very attractive piece at Neimans and mixes in Houston.  Her current purchasing is a pair of Louis Vuitton silk cream congregated pumps with a valet toe and ribbon which is of black color.

Courtney Sarofim was graduated from Columbia University in New York. She was studied in law school at the University of Houston. She worked as a vice-president for accretion and constitution at Lander Holdings which is a family owned real estate Company.

 After the Neiman Marcus Galleria show, Gary Tinterow had welcomed the guests in his show. Courtney Sarofim was the part of his show where she dressed very well. Her hair was dressed by Ceron. Her dress was designed by the Lenny Matuszewski and Tamara Bonar.

Hosts Courtney Sarofim gathered a fashionable blend of doyennes Lynn Watt and Susan Sarofim. This party also had posh young girls. Everyone was shined like a moon.  The famous fashion journalist and contributing editor try a murdered mystery series on for size this go-around.

Courtney Sarofim had access to new DK88 handbags from the collection of British luxury brands. She was fond of fashion. She buys very unique and latest item available in the market. She also bought from different brands so that there is much variety. She takes part in fashion shows and also sponsors many shows.

From the busy schedule, she makes time to fashion. She chooses a simple and stylish look. After several years of marriage, she becomes a financial backer for designer label Thomas Wylde.  It makes high end-clothing and depicting fashionable-looking skills. In addition to staying in Houston and sometimes flying off to Hollywood, New York, and Paris, Sarofim said to Houston Chronicle that she spends many months in a year at her home in Jackson Hole. She enjoys sipping pomegranate martinis and nibbling streak tartare at Houston. According to the news report, they do a party together there.

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