All you Need to know about Sustainable clothing in the present Fashion Scenario

Sustainable clothing or sustainable fashion is not as popular as it should be. With the growing use of clothing in the fashion industry, more and more clothing items are added to the pile in dumpsite every day. The environment is immensely affected by the huge amount of textile in the dumpsites. It takes years and years for the textiles to decompose depending upon the material.

What is sustainable clothing?

While the idea of sustainable clothing is fairly new to the common population, the movement for the sustainable fashion started decades ago, as early as the early 1960s-1970s. Ever since then people are more concerned about textiles that fashion industry use and the effect it has on the environment.

When we say sustainable clothing, we talk about the clothing items made from recycled materials, eco-friendly sources, and biodegradable fabrics. These days many fashion brands are taking the issue of clothing from fast fashion clogging up landmines pretty seriously leading them to produce sustainable, recycled clothing.


The fashion industry was the primary target to replace fast fashion with sustainable clothing, but recently many companies started manufacturing Sustainable underwear as well. The use of organic and sustainable underwear has several benefits both to the wearer’s health and the environment.

Few of the benefits are:

No Harsh Chemicals:

The dyes used in clothing items contain harsh chemicals that are not only harmful to the skin but also has an adverse effect on the environment. Prolonged use of such clothing can cause skin rashes and other skin diseases. Sustainable clothing refrains from using such harsh chemicals as it ruins the quality of the material as well.

Recycled Textiles:

Sustainable underwear companies such as Floripaunderwear uses recycled clothing materials to manufacture the underwear which makes them eco-friendly in nature.

Quality over Quantity:

Being a fairly new idea, sustainable fashion is a little bit expensive than the clothing of the fast fashion industry. But the quality of sustainable, eco-friendly clothing is far better than the low priced clothes with colors that will fade away after a few washes. Recycling clothes put less stress on the environment as the fewer natural resources are used.

As the process of recycling and manufacturing eco-friendly fabrics is a time consuming and requires more labor effort than others, the cost margin of sustainable clothing is little on the pricier side. Apart from sustainable underwear, many companies manufacture sustainable high waisted leggings, which are slowly getting popular among the customers.

These sustainable high waisted leggings from companies like Floripaunderwear and many others generally comes in thicker fabric than the other, which helps your body keep warm during the winter season and also it is way less see through than normal ones. Due to its high waist fitting, it makes the leggings easier to work out in. Sustainable clothing lasts longer than a normal one due to its firmness.

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