Bergen Brand has celebrated their inauguration in London

Bergen Brand, established in 2014 by designer Renate Stormark. Renate’s high quality and innovative design were appreciated by some of the media luminaries like Jean Beauvoir, Marcus Schenkenberg, Christian Ingebrigtse, etc. and at one go has got the fame of international status. Recently, the brand has it mega launch at London.

The video attached here is about the gala launch party at Wolf & Badger in the fashion metropolis! The big bang and gala opening at Wolf & Badger Mayfair was initiated by Børge Brandsdal Johannesen. Bergen Brand is getting popularity worldwide and its introduction to London will hopefully create a special niche in the international fashion world.

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The video is made to Malcolm Modele Modele Productions and Travel in style, go in style!
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According to the spokesperson of this designer brand, “the business aim of the designer brand is to offer coveted designers an exclusive platform to display and publicize their products, to share the inspirational stories behind their collection, and to integrate a design-focused and socially cognizant audience”.

Bergen Brand’s UK exquisite launch at Wolf & Badger was a success witnessed by Raef Bjayou, Billy
Murray, Naomi Isted, Liz McClarnon, Olivia Arben, Craig McGinlay, Jean Beauvoir and numerous other
guests who were welcomed by Marcus Schenkenberg and the brand designer Renate Stormark.

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