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I am kind of an extroverted and athletic woman who loves to spend every spare minute in some sports and physical activities like running, cycling, swimming – the best thing to say – gymnasium is my second home, but seaside and beaches attract me more during summers and jogging on a miles-track without music is such a boring idea – most people would agree with me. But I was used to hesitate, heading to water just to keep my friends away from ruining my headphones by water splashes.

Knowing that I am a music lover, one of my friends ordered a Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker from the Eishops online marketplace as my birthday present, and we received our order just in the time.

This beautiful blue speaker’s first look made me surprisingly very excited and convinced me saying – wowww. The first feeling you get holding the speaker in your hands is amazing – literally, it’s great. The speaker is made with high-quality ABS plastic and silicon casing; it is very lightweight – and I really mean it. This portable speaker excellently withstands water splashes, accidental fall, and tear. Since then, I never hesitate to go to the beach, sweaty workouts, swimming pools, or showering keeping it close to me. You can also rest easy knowing it could withstand an accidental dip or a downpour – or even a trip into your morning shower.

Its compatible size is another plus – that fits to my bicycle bottle holder. And it’s one-charge battery let me listen to my favorite beats for 20 hours – of course; it has a farfetched battery life with very fast charging ability.

The feature that makes it my first choice is its Bluetooth connectivity with most of the Apple and Android devices, mp3 players. I am used to connecting these speakers within 15 meters wireless connection to my iPods during gym workouts and sometimes to my tablet when I host the coffee party at my home because this is the speaker that has incredible crystal clear sound and do not distort at higher volumes – isn’t it cool enough?

The Eishops speaker has made the music listening hassle-free, as you don’t need to switch your music player when you finish the bonfire listening to music on this portable speaker and head to home without realizing tunes echoing out of the car sound system or this handy portable speaker.

The amazing features have made me fall in love with this gorgeous minimalist-design tech-piece available on Eishops. Indeed, it is a great present I got, and I would definitely love to gift this portable Bluetooth speaker to my friends and family for the upcoming season of vacations and festivities.

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