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Blackphemy fashion designer

This project was created in 2014 following a final thesis design at UBA, was the trigger for the creation of a line of unique garments with an urban-sports aesthetic ready to wear and a monochromatic theme (black and white) where textures, transparencies, and shapes coexist with the body and the mood to develop.

The responsible of this creation is Mr. Christian Flores Montes, a fashion designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has worked for many different first-line fashion brands in his city where he developed a unique way of looking into fashion trends.

Blackphemy fashion designer has no seasons because he believes in an imminent international projection and the arrival of his products at the hands of buyers from other continents, most of the garments are timeless. This is how you can find winter clothes in a spring-summer rack and vice versa for the ease of traveling consumers who return to their country are in another season of the year.

Monochromatic thematics is much more than a designer’s whim, but also a personal challenge and at the same time a commercial strategy, a black garment never goes out of style, and the challenge that involves handling one or two colors is the need to face that TABULA RASA at the time of creation, where therefore much attention is paid to the composition of the material and the texture of different genres rather than an occasional situation, but no less important, as is the color.

The black color is, solid, arrogant, impertinent according to the situation and above all things; irreplaceable.

Blackphemy inspiration is always linked to the surreal worlds, underground and street culture because of the designer’s work history and experience and the silhouettes respond to an indiscriminate mixture of cultural situations through which he was crossed during his life; from the umbandas rituals of that “cult” of the neighborhood that everyone was afraid of, to the daily dress of friendships where having original Nike shoes put you on another level. All this, linked to a permanent dream of creating new worlds through garments and transmitting sensations such as in the cinema and texts and music that were often objects of admiration by the designer, films such as blade runner, tron, Mad Max, Blade and for the sound part the American ninth hiphop like Cypress Hill, Tupac shakur, Biggie Smalls and in part also for being linked quite a lot of time from his work life to the production of work clothes which are usually a little bigger for the comfort of the worker.

It’s never enough, Blackphemy’s projection is to be able to create in different situations and spaces, create sensations that transport you and include you in a universe where feeling strange is the premise to be different from your previous self and the future. BE, is one of the greatest designer inspirations, that BE that is defined by WHEN.

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