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How much time do you spend on digital screens these days? Let’s be honest, it’s probably quite a lot. And why should this be of concern? Well, as we now spend so much time on phones, laptops and televisions, digital eye strain is becoming a real issue that needs to be addressed. Fortunately, SmartBuyGlasses have the perfect solution. They have created a technology called zFORT™ that acts as a filter on glasses to dam out the blue light emitted from digital screens. This does wonder for your eye, also it is affordable and available to all. Bear in mind, you don’t get to have a prescription to urge blue light glasses – just get the coating added to a Plano lens!

What is blue light?

Sunlight is composed of different coloured rays. Just like the colours of the rainbow! There is orange, red, yellow, blue, and green. Each coloured ray of light has different levels of energy and its own wavelength. Compared to the others, blue light rays have much shorter wavelengths, starting from 380nm to 500nm, and have extremely high levels of energy. It has now become public knowledge that these blue light rays are often greatly harmful to the human eye.

Pros and Cons of Blue Light?

Although blue light has some nasty side effects, it isn’t all bad. We need some blue light in our lives to enhance our memory and mood. It helps us to regulate our sleeping patterns and vital to children’s eye health improvement. So really, we’d be quite lost without it! It only becomes a drag once we are overexposed to blue light.

So, it is best not to get too carried away with the positives. At the opposite end of the size, blue light remains harmful. Excessive exposure to blue light has the potential to cause severe damage to your eyes. The most common symptom of overexposure is digital eye strain. This can cause headaches, difficulty in sleeping and can lead to mental health problems. It is therefore of the utmost importance that we protect our eyes from an excessive amount of blue light.

What is zFORT™?

zFORT™ blue light block technology was originated at SmartBuyGlasses. It is a filter that blocks the blue light wavelengths from penetrating the eye’s retina. You can choose any glasses frame, any lens type, add your prescription if you have one, and then add the blue light coating on top. The filter will be added to the lenses by the experts at SmartBuyGlasses, and the blue light glasses will arrive on your doorstep ready to wear. Don’t worry about cost either as it is a perfectly affordable option! And when it comes to eye health, totally worth it.

Why buy zFORT™?

Health should be at the top of the preference list. So why put your eyes in danger once you can so easily keep them safe? After all, vision is one of the things we want to shield the most. So here are three key advantages to the zFORT™ blue light filter:

Exposure to blue light rays for elongated periods of time can lead to eye strain. Eliminate the danger by adding zFORT™ to your glasses.

zFORT™ decreases your eye’s contact with blue light, which is important when working, gaming, online shopping, viewing TV etc. Basically, when doing anything that needs the use of a digital screen.

Protect your eyes from blue light and see the difference once you attend sleep at night! The decrease in the blue light display will help you sleep better.

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