Buying a Silver Necklace – What to Keep In Mind?

If you are a jewelry lover, then you surely have necklaces. They are a must in every outfit as they can turn a simple outfit into something extra. Silver necklaces are timeless fashion pieces that can add elegance to any outfit. It is available in different styles, lengths, widths, and designs.

E and E jewellery have the finest collections of necklaces including the silver ones. If you are looking for one, then the following factors have to be taken into consideration:

  • Variety

There are different varieties of silver and when you are buying one, you have to know them the common ones are:

    • Sterling – It is made with the highest-quality silver. It is 92.5% pure silver and mixed with a metal alloy. 100% silver is too soft and won’t be good at making jewelry.
    • Silver-plated – It has a layer of sterling silver on top of another metal.
    • Silver-tone – It is made from nickel and other forms of metal.
  • Design

 Silver necklaces are available in different designs such as:

    • Thick chain – It exudes a dramatic fashion statement.
    • Petite silver chain – It matches dainty pendants and perfect for daily wear.
    • Other available chains are rope chains, link chains, and box chains.
  • Length

You can opt for a long silver necklace or a shorter one. It really depends on the style that you are aiming for a particular day. If you want to create a layered look, then go for a long necklace as you can easily double or triple it. If you want the necklace to frame your face, then a short length necklace is a perfect choice. However, you have to keep in mind that a long necklace is more expensive than a shorter one. So, you might want to consider your budget when making your choice.

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