Choose your Glasses according to your face shape

best glasses for round shape face

Sunglasses are a part of your daily life and they also play an important role in enhancing your looks. Everyone wants new styled glasses which properly fit their face. It protects your eyes from sunlight and dust when you go out or at the time of riding bike. There is a huge range in glasses available in the market and you can check out the cheap glasses online that are in your budget as well as stylish.

There are different types of glasses with different designs, shades and sizes according to your face type. Some of them are:

Oval Face Shape

It is considered to be an ideal face shape just because of its balanced proportion. To maintain the balance between your face and glass, look for a frame that is wide. Walnut-shape would be best for your face because it is not too deep or narrow shaped glasses.

 Heart-Shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces are wider at the top and narrow at the bottom. You can choose frame shapes that are wider at the bottom with thin light colored and rimless frames which have a light airy look and also suit your face.

Oblong Face Shape

It is longer than wide with a straight cheek line for that you can try frames that have depth than width. Frames with different shades, decorative or contrasting colors also add looks to your face.

Diamond shaped face

The diamond shaped face has broad cheek lines and are narrow at forehead and jawline as it is the rarest face shape. You can try frames with distinctive brow lines which highlight the eye and soften cheek bones. Rimless frames with oval or cat-eye is the best option for you.

Round face shape

It has curved lines with the width and length in the same proportion with no angles. Best glasses for round shape face are frames with angular narrow eyeglass frames which make provide a length to the face. You can also try rectangular and clear bridge frames that are wider than deep.

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