Choosing the Right Gold Earrings for Her (5 Experts Tips)

So, you want to buy her something special to celebrate your love? Gold earrings can be the perfect gift for that special someone that makes your heart glow. Let me tell you a few secrets about gold earrings. 

Gold earrings never get out of fashion. They have been with us for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians wore them with pride, so did the Europeans, ancient gods and goddesses. Gold earrings are timeless, they are instantly noticeable. They can be worn with a wide range of outfits and for all occasions. Any classy woman will appreciate a good pair of gold earrings.

Right Gold Earrings

But…. you need to get your game on when choosing gold earrings. A simple hoop or stud may not cut it, she probably already has a pair of those in her jewelry box. Please don’t go rummaging in her things just yet, you might spoil the surprise. Here are a few tips to help you chose the perfect gold earrings for her.

  • Ever Heard of Karats?

Not all gold earrings are the same. They all come in what experts like to call levels of purity. Heck, some are even gold plated and can rub off after a while. Are you on a budget? A 12-karat gold earring contains about 50% gold, it’s way less expensive than a 24 karat but still good enough. Of course, you must go for the 24-Karat if you really want to make a statement. 

On the issue of purity though, higher karat earrings are not meant to be used on a day to day basis. They she be kept for the super-special occasions, like say your anniversary perhaps? This is because they tend to scratch with repeated exposure to the elements. Pure gold is not that tough, you can go for lower purity if you want to see them on her more often.

  • The Hottest Trends (Psst! This Is A Secret)

Do you know what type of gold earrings are hot right this minute? Well, you are in luck; I’ve got you covered. It’s back to the past! Ladies are going for small hoops, bars, white gold and yes, my favorite, fusion yellow hoops. Don’t have an idea how any of them look? Why not check them out online? Start with these trendy white gold diamond earrings.

  • The Shape of Her Face- It Really Matters

Okay, this might sound like a geometrical lesson, but please bear with me.  Look at her face, not now of course but when you get the chance. You can look at her picture on your phone (I’m am assuming you have her on the screensaver!). Does she have an oval, rectangular, square, triangle, or round face? I know… I know no one has a rectangular-shaped face but you know what I’m getting at, right?

Some earrings are best suited for a specific shape. Go for a nicely rounded hoop or stud if your lady has a rectangular shaped face. It complements the long narrow face and gives it some width. Teardrop earrings are best for a heart-shaped face while square-shaped faces (with wide jaws) can do with oval hoops and studs.

  • Colors- What Is Her Style?

Gold earrings come in different colors. Yellow gold, green gold, white, and even pink. These are made by mixing gold with another compound. For instance, pink gold earrings are made by mixing pure gold with copper. Buy her earrings that match her outfit. I’m sure you already know what colors she fancies. 

A casual look in her closet will reveal the dominant color. Buy the color that will go well with her favorite outfits. You don’t want her to have to buy a new dress every time she wants to don those earrings.

  • And Finally, Don’t Be Cheap

Gold is about class and nothing is more annoying than having a cheap pair of gold earrings. If you want to make her feel special, you need to spend some smackers. Don’t go for those cheap gold-plated earrings, trust me, she will never wear them! Good luck, mate.

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