14 Eye Catching Clothing Styles Of The 1980s Fashion Worlds

Fashion in the 80s was bold, brave, loud, and everything fashion needs to be in the most real sense!

We talk about women setting standards, but women have always been known for revolutionizing dresses and styles that remain signature statements even today.

While some of them could not survive long and were unnecessarily hyped, most of them survived the changing times.

If you think it is just the 90s fashion that is coming back, you’re mistaken. The 80s are silently, slowly, subtly, but surely returning.

The eighties was a decade when many of the fashion trends Of the 1980s that people love to hate were created.

In complete contrast to the 1970s, shirts became looser and trousers became tighter.

Some call it “the time that fashion forgot”, as most laws of fashion were broken & torn to shreds.

If you don’t want to miss out and see how the women did it back then, hop on to this time machine! Let’s take a look at 80s fashion trends and take some inspiration from them.

  1. Spandex

Spandex apparel could always be easily spotted by reason of its bright colors. The colors were marketed to those young minds so abundant in this eighties decade! Colors such as acrylic blue, neon pink, green, bright rose, as well as the dressy white and black used in legging stirrup pants, blouses, and shirts was enjoyed by both males and females of the eighties. The fabric perfectly defines the character of the 80s decade of being bold, different, and new and marked its place in this period — as it also easily morphed into the 90s decade that centered on the mystique to being thin — with the wearing of those ‘skinny jeans’ made of Spandex!


  1. Mullet


Ahhh, the mighty mullet. Is there anything more synonymous with dated men’s fashion than this oft-ridiculed haircut? We think not. Once popular among jocks and movie stars and everyone in between, it consists of hair that’s short in the front and on the sides, and then long in the back.

If you’re looking for ’80s costume ideas, throw on a permed mullet wig and consider yourself covered in the hairstyle department. And if you need more visuals of mullets than the ones we’ve provided, the Internet is all too happy to oblige.


  1. Big Hair

One major factor that played into hair styling in the ’80s was volume. No option demonstrated that more than big hair.

Before you add the spray, you’ll need to spend plenty of time washing, air-drying, and blow-drying your hair. This will help your hair stand out high and above everyone else’s.

You may have noticed this style if you watched Sigourney Weaver in the “Alien” and “Ghostbusters” movies. It was also common among metal bands of the ’80s that earned the name “hair bands,” such as Cinderella, Motley Crue, and Def Leppard.

You can model your big hair to be straight or include curls, depending on who you’re modeling it after. This gives you more freedom with styling.



Who has ever been somewhere and said, “You know what? The rest of my body is fine, but my calves are just freezing!” Probably nobody, but that didn’t stop the 80s from creating leg warmers – pants for your calves only.


  1. Shoulder Pads

During the 80s, power-dressing was used by the increasing number of working women to give them an authoratitive look in an environment dominated by men. The style was mainly achieved by the use of shoulder pads which were used in suits, dresses and jackets to give a broader look to the shoulders.

However, shoulder pads first became popular back in the 1930s with the fashion desinger Elsa Schiaparelli incorporating them in her 1931 designs. There are even earlier examples of broadening the shoulders with the use of puffed sleeves in the 1890s, and these also became popular again during the 1980s.


  1. Miniskirt

During the 1980’s mini skirts were considered to be the height of fashion, and were worn by many women everywhere. A mini skirt is defined as a skirt that has a hemline that sits far above the knees and is usually no more than 10 centimeters below the wearer’s buttocks, and has a hemline that sits on the upper thigh, or just below the crotch.

Where It All Began

It was during the 1960’s when mini skirts first found their fame. The so-called ‘Swinging Sixties’ became an era many were proud to be a part of thanks to the amazing music scene, but it was also the clothing that made this era an unforgettable one.

Before the 1960’s, mini skirts were not seen as much of a fashion item, rather they were worn during sporting events (Tennis and cheerleading, for example), and occasionally by dancers too.


  1. Jeans

While acid wash jeans are yet to make a comeback, ’80s dad jeans are back in fashion. To rock these classic jeans today, just pick up a faded mid-blue style in a relaxed fit. Also, select a cut with a tapered leg or consider pinrolling the bottoms for the same effect.


  1. Itty Bitty Bags

“A small, structured style in a new shape is the statement bag of the season,” said Basloe. “We recommend combining two handbag trends by choosing snake print or croc-embossed leather, which are also big.” If you wanna go even smaller, the next “big” bag trend is teeny. Meet The Bitty Bag. TBB is an impractical accessory that holds approximately one Airpod, but the absurdity is part of the charm. Jacquemus created a meme sensation, but designers like Salvatore Ferragamo, Chloé and more can provide a little inspiration


  1. Chunky Jewelry

The 1980s must seem like a wild, neon, mullet-filled party to those who weren’t there to experience it. Actually, it seems like a wild, neon, mullet-filled party to those of us who lived through it too. And as soon as you see these fashionably questionable trends from the decade that brought us hair metal, Care Bears and Caboodles, you’ll be taken right back to that colorful time.

The 1980s must seem like a wild, neon, mullet-filled party to those who weren’t there to experience it. Actually, it seems like a wild, neon, mullet-filled party to those of us who lived through it too. And as soon as you see these fashionably questionable trends from the decade that brought us hair metal, Care Bears and Caboodles, you’ll be taken right back to that colorful time.


  1. Jumpsuits

The jumpsuit originated in trend from the 1940s and found its way back into the fashion consciousness in a good (or arguably bad!) way in the 1970s. By the 1980s, the jumpsuit went super casual with the era’s love of all-things-denim, and designer denim brands like GUESS? were producing 100% denim jumpsuits with long sleeves, high necklines and tapered legs!

WORN TODAY: The denim jumpsuit of today is a personality piece that with colorful accessories – like fashion blogger Beckerman Bite Plate so brilliantly does with her red pairings – need not look like you’re wearing a trucker’s uniform or something pulled from your mom’s closet (although honestly, that’s OK too!) I love how Miss Beckerman is wearing her pinstripe denim onesie with light grey heels and silver-white bangles on both arms. Down to her bold red lip, she’s consciously styled her ’80s vintage fashion garb for an appearance that doesn’t scream the era.


  1. Parachute Pants

80’s parachute pants were tight, shiny pants made of synthetic material–the stuff used to make parachutes. These pants were originally created for break dancers who needed pants that could stand up to the abuse of break dancing. They typically featured multiple zippers to add to the edgy feel.

While women sometimes wore parachute pants during the 80s (I did in the 7th grade! — charcoal gray and so cool for stylin at the skating rink), they Rockin’ the Parachute Pants: Richard Blade of KROQ with Mark Studnerwere most often worn by men. It is unlikely that this particular trend will make its way back to the mainstream even if it was seen on the runways last Spring (2009). Every fashion decade has lingering cringe-worthy trends. Parachute pants may very well be the skeleton in the closet of 80s fashion.


  1. Harem Pants

Not a lot of people would have imagined that MC Hammer’s parachute pants would make it out of the ‘80s, but this drop crotch silhouette did. Worn on both men and women at the time, the harem pant leg is a favourite among fashionistas who are tired of the skinny cut. They’re not the easiest trend to pull off, however plenty of fashion bloggers have come up with numerous outfit tips to show readers that they are a very forgiving clothing item, and as Yes Style has indicated, they complement most body types.


  1. Bally shoes

The 1980s saw the birth of hip-hop culture, and along with it came a style that would define a generation. Bally sneakers, which ’80s rappers like Rakim and Slick Rick were particular fans of, were considered the ultimate status symbol throughout the decade.


  1. Sequins

One of the main things the 80s is known for is its soundtrack. A huge decade for disco and RnB, the music of the decade brought an element of sass that inspired fashion to follow suit. As such, the sequin craze was born and quickly became adorned on everything from jackets to mini skirts.

The trend has recently enjoyed a revival, so grab a sequin dress and pop on a pair of heeled boots for a fashion statement that’s both eye-catching and unique.



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