Custom Fabric Labels with Custom Iron-On Labels

If you are a fashion designer or you make handmade accessories or clothing, custom fabric labels can make your designs unique. They add style, color and make a fashion statement. Labels are a very good way of advertising your clothing line and they add uniqueness to your clothing.

The most popular types of garments depending on how they are attached to your clothing are custom Iron on labels and sew-in labels.

Each kind of label has its merits and demerits. The concept of copyright is what applies to both. A copyright protects the use of name, logo or other piece of graphic work or artwork from public use without the express permission of the owner. Labels like Intel’s Logo or I-Zod logo cannot be mass produced for sale.

Unless renewed, a copyright usually expires after 75 years.

Here are some useful characteristics of sew in labels and Custom iron on labels that you must consider to determine what type of label is suitable for you.

Iron-on Labels

You need to know how to safely use an iron. For applying iron on labels, a normal ironing board or any hard surface covered with thick towel will serve. You may purchase pre-made stock labels on the internet or at craft stores or better still you may have your own custom labels made with iron.

It is easy to apply Iron on labels as they are ideal for persons who do not have access to a sewing machine or cannot sew. Custom Iron on labels cannot be used on all fabrics. For some delicate fabrics, the required temperature may be too hot. For example a satin will burn if you attempt to iron a label on to it.

Custom iron on labels are ideal when applied to odd shaped garments. An iron on label can easily be applied to ties, hats, cuffs, around pockets and the hems of many garments. Iron-on label is typically as strong as the method of application, its adhesive, its relative location on the garment, and the fabric it will adhere to.

Iron on labels last longer but a garment that is frequently washed might peel off the label.

Sew- In Labels

You need to know how to sew a label in by hand or how to use a sewing machine to use sew in labels. Sew in labels can be applied to any fabric and their main advantage is they are completely permanent and will last longer without peeling off. If you are a sewing machine operator or an experienced and knowledgeable seamstress, you can apply sew in labels to any part of any clothing. have labels printed with black indelible inks which will not fade. They can either be ironed-on or sew-on. The labels have been tested in multiple washes and they look the same like the first day they were applied.

Name labels can be attached easily, quickly and permanently from a sheet of perforated and customized name labels. The labels may be sewn by hand, with a sewing machine or applied with a household pressing iron or heat seal press.

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