Did You Know BAD Stocks Other Brands Products?

BAD Workwear is not just about selling its own products, we also stock products from some of the world’s leading workwear brands. From work pants, shorts, polo shirts, hoodies, to work boots and accessories, we have an entire collection of best quality workwear. Regarding work boots we don’t just have our own brand of boots, we also have work boots from some of the top brands like Blundstone, Mack Octane, Master Contractor, Mongrel, Oliver, Redback, Steel Blue, and Terra.

Our primary goal is “Customer satisfaction.” We want our customers to know and have access to all the different products and brands available in the market, so that they can decide on which one better suits your work style.

Redback Boots

Redback work boots; 100% authentic Australian handmade boots are a tough and reliable boot with a great design. The side zip Cobra work boot or the elastic side Bobcat both fit excellently and are designed for tough wear. The air-cushioned sole lessens the impact to your legs, which makes the Redback boot  an all-day comfortable option.

Steel Blue Boots

100% Australia owned, Steel Blue boots have been providing workers with reliable and comfortable work boots since 1995 – in both national and international markets. Steel Blue boots feature orthopedic innersole, toe bumper steel safety cap, heat, water, and acid resistance. The name says it all – these boots are as tough as steel.

They have multiple options for both men and women, from the zip side to the elastic side, you can choose the one that suits your work and your style.

Mongrel Boots

Like other work boots, Mongrel’s work boots have a heat resistant outsole and are manufactured using premium water-resistant leather. The brand rocketed to success with its zip-side style boots and they are a category leader here in Australia.

Zip side Mongrel Boots are lightweight, flexible, and super-fast to get on and off, it’s one of the best brands of work boots available.

Mack Boots

Mack’s work boots are renowned for their superior quality. The Octane lace-up work boots from Mack have electrical hazard certifications, and the high-performance features make it ideal for electrical work or light construction work.  The zip closure also provides easy access and exit in emergencies.


Featuring a downright classic Aussie design, the boot delivers comfort, safety, and durability in equal measure. It has an excellent moisture wicking bamboo lining, which will let your feet breathe comfortably. The heat resistant outer sole can resist up to 300 degrees of heat, which makes it a wise choice for a hot summer and for such a tough work boot it’s surprisingly light.

Master Boot

Master Boot is an excellent all-around choice; it’s one of the best men’s lace-up work boots. Being comfortable and considering multiple safety features such as steel caps, ankle support, water-resistant, slip-resistant, and heat-resistant. It’s an excellent choice with proven comfort and maximum safety.

BAD Workwear Boot

Here’s another one of Australia’s best work boot brands,  that has mastered the art of the classic work boot. BAD Workwear boots are the perfect combination of both functionality and style. From side zip, elastic side to safety cap, these boots offer super comfort and are made using premium quality leather.

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