Evolution Of The Rolex GMT Master II


If you are looking for Rolex GMT watches, you might have across its GMT Master II model. This Swiss brand is waterproof with date functionality. It is a chronometer-certified watch. These watches show time in two different time zones simultaneously. This GMT Master II was launched to ensure ease of use. It has attracted several world-class travelers due to its aesthetics, robustness, and functionality.


The Beginning

The Rolex GMT Master II was made in collaboration with Pan American Airways in 1958. These watches were given to the crew members in case of long-haul flights. The Pan-Am wanted the dial to display two time zones. Hence, it was known as the pilot’s watch. However, the current version of these watches shows three time zones. The 24-hand is straightaway linked to the time at your home. These hand watches were available until 1959. The watches then switched to aluminum after its successful two years, which was then used subsequently.

The Classic Era

The few Rolex references sustained for a long run. Thus, the reference 1675 GMT-Master is the primary among all. It has several updates and variations from 1959 to 1980. Therefore, it is time when “Root Beer” GMT came into existence. It features a yellow and brown bezel with a brown dial. Thus, it was the time of “nipple dial” that was occasionally found. The model has less radiant and more accentuated applied hour indications. The reference 1575 automatic caliber replace the reference 1565 in 1965. It has increased the running frequency from 18000 to 19600 vph. The initial model of GMT-Master did not have the crown guards. However, they were added in the 1675 model.

Transition To Modern

The transformation of the Rolex GMT came relatively rapidly from 1980 to the present. The reference 16750 came with a glossy dial and modernized caliber-one. It added a fast-set date functionality with a runtime frequency of 28800 vph. Thus, the caliber 3075 links the home time with 24h time. In 1983, it was time for the GMT Master II to arrive with a fast set jumping hour functionality. It shows the home time and away time distinctively. The initial production of these watches was known as “the fat lady.” It appeared with a black/ red “Coke bezel” until the existence of the Pepsi variant. From 1989 until now, the production of the Peps bezel 16710 persists with few updates before discontinuation.

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