Fantastic Sams: Best Full-Service Haircare Franchise In The U.S.

Fantastic Sams Holding Corp. is one of the world’s largest full-service haircare franchise. The company was founded by Sam Ross in 1974 and is based in U.S. and Canada.

Fantastic Sams 2023 pioneered the concept of a walk-in hair salon. With 800+ franchised outlets, it is one of the largest salon chains in America. It started giving out franchises in 1976. Back then the franchise title was “Incredible Sams.” It was later changed to “Fantastic Sams” in 1981.

Besides franchising, the company also manufactures and sell its own hair-care products. Hair Fantastic Sams cost is available on their official website.

Fantastic Sams Rebranding

After operating for several decades, Fantastic Sams opted for rebranding in 2014. They launched a new brand logo alongside a new store design.

Fantastic Sams Cut & Colour introduced many new products. The launch also included an agreement with Tigi to be the top colour supplier for the brand.

Services Offered By Fantastic Sams

Fantastic Sams was founded by Sam Ross in Memphis, Tennessee. After two years of operation, he decided to franchise his company. Today, the brand has over 800 salons throughout North America.

It has gained its reputation for providing high-quality hair care services to clients. The speciality of Fantastic Sams is that it caters to the needs of the whole family. This means their services are available for men, women, and even kids.

They have several haircut and style packages for women. Extra services include mustache and beard trim, shampoo, style out, and eyebrow waxing.

They also offer hair colour service that include foil highlights, cap highlights, partial highlights, men’s haircut and colour. For hair texture, they offer services such as speciality wraps, body waves, perms, and spirals.

The good thing about Fantastic Sams is that they offer all the mentioned services at a very reasonable cost. The brand has its own line of hair care products. They have concocted their own formulation for shampoo, conditioner, and other styling products.

Fantastic Sams Prices 2022 for hair care products are comparatively lower than what is charged by other brands. This is one of the many reasons that clients prefer Fantastic Sams over others.

Why Fantastic Sams?

The question should be ‘why not Fantastic Sams?’ For decades, the brand has offered high-quality products and services. Within few years of operation, they occupied a reputable position in the market.

The best thing about Fantastic Sams is that they offer complete package for hair styling, cutting, highlighting, colouring, texturing, and straightening. They do almost everything related to hair.

They also provide great customer service. Unlike other salons, Fantastic Sams doesn’t require you to make reservations or appointments. You can simply walk into the salon and get the things done that you want.

Their salons are run by trained professionals. At Fantastic Sams, you will always find the latest trends and styles.


Fantastic Sams have been around for a long time. There’s a reason they have survived this long despite tough competition. They have kept their prices low and ensure quality services.

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