Find the best Effects with the Massage for The Back

The back is one of the areas where stress and emotional loads that we accumulate during daily life are most frequently reflected, so applying a good massage is essential to relieve pain, contractures and achieve relaxation in this area.

For this reason we will give you some tips or advice so that you learn how to perform quality massages with good results. Among them are:

Do not exert much pressure when massaging, as you do the massage, you should ask yourself how the client feels, since some people resist more pressure than others.

Keep massaging always, is not separate your hands back to the customer, so this feels a state of relaxation continuous. Make a visit to  for more on this now.

The techniques to use are:

  • Deep friction is performed with long passes, applying a little pressure on the area.
  • Digital sliding pressure, consists of making movements with the fingertips in a circular fashion throughout the back, area by area
  • Sliding knuckle pressure, it is done with the knuckles we begin to make circular movements such as drawing small spheres across the back with a little pressure, fast but smooth.
  • Crushing pressure, both hands are used, one mounted on the other in a circular way making friction in each area.
  • Kneading fast and repetitive movements by the shoulder blades, lower back, middle and upper arms
  • Ulnar slide consists of emptying, we place one hand on the other and with the back of the hand we make long and repetitive movements compacting the skin.

Tips for back massages

Do not add too much oil, as it could make the session unpleasant and complicate the execution of the강남건마 massage.

  • Try not to directly massage the spine but the muscles on the sides
  • Once you have finished, make sure to remove as much of the oil or cream you used as possible, so that the client does not stain their clothes and belongings
  • Give your client enough towels for comfort
  • Massages should not generate pain but relaxation and relief
  • Do not massage in areas with open wounds, burns or inflamed areas

How to do and massage the back?

We live in a very fast-paced world, the day to day brings with it desires that we cannot avoid, the excess of work, the studies, the commitments with the family, with the friends etc., they generate a high level of stress and if that We add the hours and hours that we spend driving, sitting at the computer, not taking care of the posture, using an inadequate pillow, all this can cause pain in the back and cause discomfort and illness.

A good back massage will relieve us of all the tensions and help to alleviate and correct some ailments that we have in this area.

Be sure to create a suitable environment, a harmonious decoration, a comfortable stretcher, low light, relaxing instrumental music, preferably sounds of nature such as birdsong, streams, rain etc. Use aromatic oils and place it in the palm of your hands exerting friction to achieve an adequate temperature. Place one hand on the body and the other on your hand, begin to make slow and smooth movements with the hand always in contact with the body, heating the area a little, with long passes from the lower back to the neck to prepare the muscles, we go back down and we do it several times.

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