Four ways to treat your feet right

Your feet are the most integral part of your body and it is important to take care of them. In our daily life with all the rush to complete the planned tasks and an effort to get a balanced life we do not give priority to taking care of your body. So in this blog article, we are explaining different ways to rightly take care of your feet.

Most people face the problem of smelly feet and it is also related to many health crises. One of the main reasons the feet smell bad is that your body’s dead cells accumulate there and the bacteria on your feet produce an odour this leads your shoe to smell bad. Wash your feet daily with soap and warm water, or soak your feet in a bucket of warm water and add some sea salt to it or you can also use a foot spray to get rid of the smell of your feet. Many people do not know the right ways to keep their feet clean, so here are some tips that will definitely help you.

Here are four ways to treat your feet properly

Do not use synthetic materials- Don’t wear socks made of synthetic material as the material is not breathable. Strong synthetics do not allow air into shoes, contributing to severe foul odour. You can also use an insole which is infused with aloe vera gel this not just protects your feet but also helps to lock in the moisture. Another option you can go for is foot spray. Sprinkle some foot spray on your feet all around and allow them to dry overnight, this will help you with bad foot odour. I found Zeolite assorted foot care helpful and is also available at an affordable price range at the mochi store.

Moisture and temperature– The key is to keep the feet in a neutral temperature not too hot or humid just away from sweat. And also to moisturize the heels with lotion or body oil. A tip for you to follow during summers and monsoon is to bring a pair of clean socks and change them when you notice your feet sweat a little. Also, it is important to use a good moisturizer as it also helps you to keep the feet’s sole soft.

Keep your shoes clean and dry- Cleaning your shoes fortnightly is the best practice that you can incorporate in your lifestyle. Along with proper personal hygiene keeping your shoes clean and in proper condition is important. Do not wear the same pair of shoes, two consecutive days. Give them at least one day or two to dry completely and be ready to use. It is important to wash your insoles just soak them in soapy water, rinse thoroughly and let them air dry. When you feel that your shoes smell again, wrap them in plastic bags, and keep them in the fridge overnight. The cold temperature will kill the bacteria and will be ready to use once air-dried to normal temperature.

Apply foot spray on your feet- Wash your feet once or twice a day. Use foot spray lightly all over the feet and also on the shoes. It will eliminate any bacteria or fungi developing on your feet and will reduce sweat significantly, even if you have very sweaty feet the spray helps you to keep the feet dry.

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