Get The Best Masks That Suit Your Personality

 Mask is a form of concealment; usually worn to hide the individuality of a person. They are popular throughout the world. The substances used to make masks are feathers, paper, furs, leathers, stones, cloth, fibers, clay, woods, shells etc. The masks which are for humans are anthropomorphic and those for animals are theriomorphic. Masks are associated with social and religious ceremonies. Masks are also used to play characters in dramatic performance or on festivals and parties. Traditional and social masks use to show the belonging culture and society. Festive masks are use to symbolize festival and the masks which are use in theater are for representing characters. In parties, mostly half face masquerade masks are used.

Venetian masks were used in the ancient time in Venice during the carnival celebration.

 Tips for choosing perfect masks that suits you

  • Masquerade masks with ribbon: You can use mask with ribbon and, in those which are not last for whole night. It is comfortable for those who wear eyeglasses. This allows showing your full makeup because it does not cover much. It let your both hands free and allows you to do want you want, as it ties with ribbon at your back of the head.
  • Color choice for masks: You should choose color of your masquerade masks according to your outfit. To look good it is important that your mask match with your dress and accessories. You can also select some neutral colors like gold, silver or black, as they suits with any dress and accessories.
  • Type of masks: If you want to attend late night parties then full face masks are perfect. It helps you to keep your identity a secret. Half face masks allow you to drink and eat. It does not cover the nose. Eye masks are lightweight and allow talking, eating and drinking. Generally, eye masks are wearing by men.
  • Choice of right size masks: Your face shape is matters for choosing right size of party masks. Generally, masks cover the eye area, so you should notice eye area. If the area around the eye and cheek is slimy then you should prefers petite mask and if cheeks are wide and rounded, then standard mask are best.
  • Choice of best mask material: Leather is commonly used in theatrical masks. It suits on all type of faces, as it is flexible and soft. Resin is usually durable, solid and thick. Paper Mache are for wider faces, as it is light weighted.

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