Guide to Styling Linen Shirts for Men

We have seen men’s linen shirts getting a bad reputation. Some say they are ill-fitting and far from flattering. However, with time the idea of linen has evolved and become better. It’s not just that summer shirt worn because it’s lightweight and breathable. Linen shirts nowadays cater to the style quotient as well.

Linen shirts deserve more attention than they have probably received. They are so versatile and can be worn in all manner, shapes, and styles. Even to date, linen shirts are the go-to option for most men.

Why should you wear a linen shirt? 

Linen has been in trend, especially among people who seek comfort because it’s naturally breathable and moisture-wicking. It’s the ideal fabric that one must wear in spring and summer. The fabric feels extremely light, and wouldn’t weigh you down. It will also prevent overheating by allowing air to pass through.

The best part is linen is environment friendly! Hence, for environmentally conscious people, linen is a good choice. It’s a good alternative to cotton and offers good durability. If maintained properly, linen is expected to last a lifetime.

How to wear a linen shirt? 

If you are wondering how to style Mens Linen Shirts, here is an easy guide for you. Linen clothes are available in a variety of colours and styles nowadays. Hence, they can be accessorized in various ways, like espadrilles, straw hats, loose-knit wool sweaters, leather jackets, etc.

While you search for linen shirts, look for finely tailored, slimmer, fitted shirts that naturally fit into your body and embrace it.

The beauty of the linen fabric comes from its versatility. This means that linen will serve you just as well on a beach holiday as it would do while going to your office. When paired correctly, the linen shirt can give a formal and polished look on one hand and a breezy casual beach look on the other hand.

To add a touch of style to your linen shirt, gather the best retro-styled Cuban collars. Also, go for linen over shirts and functional pocket detailing that will add a touch of edgy style to your otherwise casual outfit.

Linen clothes are expected to be in fashion in the long run. They are breathable, lightweight, thermo-regulating, and moisture-wicking. One of the most important reasons why people continue to wear linen is to date comfort. Linen clothes are designed to cater to the body needs of a large number of people. Buying linen can never disappoint you.

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