How to Buy the Right Suit for Yourself?

Men’s suits are one of the classic and stylish apparels of the men’s fashion. However, when it comes to buying suits, it is complicated and one of the overwhelming tasks, especially if you are purchasing a suit for the first time. To get yourself the best outfit, you need to consider a few things that can help you choose the right one for yourself. Suits are worn for professional meetings and other special occasions, and you should buy a high-quality suit because they have a great impression. Tiglio Suits and Tiglio Pants offer luxurious and high-quality Italian suiting for men. Here is our guide to help you choose the right suit for yourself.


Suit Fabric

One of the most popular suit fabric is wool. It is highly versatile, and best fits for all-season, making one look sharp when wearing it. The best thing about the wool fabric is, it is breathable, and wrinkle-resistant and holds its shape, that’s why many designer suits are made up of wool. Apart from wool, you can also get suits in the linen and polyester fabric. Linen is lightweight material and can give you comfort, especially if you need a suit in summers. Polyesters are one of the cheapest options available for the suiting. But they are not breathable as linen and wool, which makes them uncomfortable to wear if you sweat a lot. Tiglio pants and Tiglio suits are made up of high-quality material like wool.


Jacket Style and Comfort

When choosing a suit, jackets are one of the essential parts. Make sure to buy the best style jacket for yourself that is comfortable. Various types of style are single-breasted, double-breasted. Double-breasted jackets are more formal and wider and fit well for tall thin men. Two-button is classic, whereas three-button can give you an edgier and modern look. When it comes to fitting, your jacket should fit flat on the back, and cover your rear. Your jacket sleeves should not be too long, they should end at your wrist, and in case of shirt sleeves end half-inch before the end of your wrist. Mae sure your jacket is comfortable to wear, and you can move your arms comfortable.

Style of Pants and Shirts

After choosing the excellent jacket, you need to choose pant and shirt that goes best with the jacket. Suit pants always have cuffs, and you can go with a medium or slight break. Make sure to choose the pant that sits and fits at your waist. Tiglio shirts and Tiglio pants collection can offer you some excellent shirt and pant for your suit.

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