How to Formally Dress With an Athletic Body Type?

How to Formally Dress With an Athletic Body Type?

Athletes have to face pretty major issues with fashion. Most of them are because of their body type. Fashion companies make in their own kind of clothes that fit a certain kind of people but definitely not athletes. So if you are one of them you need to dress accordingly which is generally a little bit different than the usual way a man dresses.

Athlete fashion requires maximum attention and of course optimum detailed views so that from anyhow you do not look out of place in your formal clothes. Formals are extremely important in a man’s life.

Hence here is a guide on how to dress formally if you have an athletic body:

1.   Jackets

The jacket is probably the most important element that goes into the wardrobe of a suit. It enhances the suit in an ideal way. Most of the attention of your entire attire is fixated to your jacket itself and hence it would need utmost detailing. Men with muscular physique should go for double breasted buttons on your jacket and also natural fabric. Some jackets exist that uses extra padding on various places in order to make the body look all the more muscular. That is absolutely not needed for athlete fashion.


2.   Trousers

It is highly recommended for muscular men to go for proper trousers without having the inclination to show more body. The usual trousers that you style below your navel should with a pant that is not too tight. Muscular men have larger thighs and calm muscles which allows the trousers to remain tight around this area whereas it is moderate in others. This is sure to create an extremely bad impression and hence buy a trouser that fits your legs uniformly.

3.   Accessories

When accessorizing your entire look remember a huge part of how you look relies on this as well. When you go for a tie, try to keep the attention there absolutely minimal with just a solid color or going for the usual stripes. With the belt as well go for a darker color and not junk huge ones to grab attention in unwanted places.  Athlete fashion should have these bare minimum things. Again with the footwear try going for the daintier one to look best.

These were some extremely useful guide about your entire formal wear so that the next time you sport athlete fashion you do it with style.

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