How to Keep your Curly Hair Wet to Suit your Lifestyle

Curly Hair Wet to Suit your Lifestyle

While there has been some appreciation for simple hairdos, at times you would like to have your curls to make the fashion statement. Curly Hair has been known to create an entire lifestyle vibe rather than simply a vibe. In the event of you could give them the wet look, it would be a great feat added to your overall beauty and fashion sense.

Determine Your Porosity

Foremost, you would be required to determine the porosity of your hair. Porosity is the quality of your hair is porous or its ability to have tiny holes. It would be pertinent to mention here that liquids tend to go right through the things that tend to have high porosity. It has been derived from the Greek word ‘poros’ for ‘pores’ implying ‘a passage’.

Based on whether you have higher or lower porosity, it would vary in levels of difficulty. In the event your hair having lower porosity, you would see glossy products sitting on top of it relatively easy. However, in case the hair having higher porosity, you should not fret, as you could keep them freshly splashed.


Should you be using a strong gel?

It would depend on the type of hair you have along with the density of your hair. In case, the Curly Hair was finer and wavier, you should look for the products that would coil the hair in order to give them a significantly light definition. You could also make the most of the services offered by Christo Curlisto.

In case, your hair is tightly coiled or relatively dense, you should look for something that offers maximum hold as offered by Christo NYC.

When you go over the curls, you should rub the gel in your hands initially so that you do not end up having clumps. The amount of gel you intend to use would be dependent on the length, density, and type of hair. However, the aim would be to get everything saturated and nice.


Different Methods of Maintaining Wet Hair

Find below a few different methods of maintaining your wet Curly Hair.

  • Shingle Method
  • Water only Washing Method
  • The Curly Girl Method
  • The Comb and Pray Method
  • Maximum Hydration Method
  • No Towel Drying Method

You would be required to get in the shower, wash, and condition your hair. Henceforth, you would be required to follow the steps to get the desired curl method. These would provide you with the desired popping curls.

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