How To Prepare If You’re Hosting A Baby Shower

People say that parenthood is one of the most amazing, challenging, and fulfilling life experiences — parents give their all just to provide their children the best that they can ever have. And this is well reflected even before the baby comes out. Couples who are expecting to welcome their first baby (or a new addition to their family) make sure they prepare the needs of their little one ahead of time. In this journey, they can also count on their family, relatives, and friends to help them out.

This is exactly what baby showers are for: Your cherished loved one organizing an event and “showering” you with gifts (practical or not) that you and your baby will be needing once he or she says hello to the world. This sounds fun and exciting and memorable, but for the organizers’ part, many things should be taken into account for them to be able to pull off a successful event — from the invitation to the baby shower catering Washington DC down to the gifts themselves.

In this feature, we’re giving 10 time-tested tips on how to prepare if you’re hosting a baby shower.

Pick the most suitable date and time for the expecting mom. As the shower will be for the mom-to-be, the date and time when the baby shower will be held should be the most convenient for her.

Settle down your guest list and send out invitations. The list of guests need not be that long. Invite only the closest of the mom’s friends and family members. Don’t forget to send out invites early (at least month before the actual date) so your prospect guests have an ample time to RSVP and of course, their gifts.

Choose a theme. As baby showers are typically held a month before the due date, the gender of the baby is already determined. Choose a gender-based theme that best captures the mom’s preference.

Look for a venue and decorate accordingly. Find a venue that can accommodate the number of guests, and make sure that you dress it up in line with the theme.

Secure the food and drinks supply. Hiring a baby shower catering Washington DC firm is the most cost-effective way to provide food and beverages.

Create an event program. To make sure everything runs smoothly on the event proper, it pays to create a program outlining the sequence of activities you will be doing — from the games down to the awaited gift-opening.

Prepare a gift-opening kit. Scissors, trash bin, gift storage. Prepare all these before the event proper to maximize time and avoid clutter.

Shop for souvenirs and goodies. As a way of thanking the guests, it’s most recommended to give them souvenirs (for example, a bag of goodies).

Involve the mom-to-be in the process. Baby showers are not a surprise event for the mom-to-be. As much as possible, you must involve her in the preparation stage so you’d know what her preferences are — for instance, she might know or recommend a baby shower catering Washington DC.

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