Key Benefits Offered By Short Scar Surgery For Facelifts

In recent times, a short scar surgery for a facelift has attained a lot of fame being a surgery for facial rejuvenation since it consists of no significant scarring with a short recovery time compared to the rest of the cosmetic surgical processes. The outcomes of the short scar surgery technics (กรีด ตา สั้น, which is the term in Thai) used for a facelift offer the patient a youthful facelift around the jawline, cheeks, and face.

Today we will mention a few of the primary benefits associated with this procedure, including:

Less Time Involved In The Surgery

Modern facelift surgery is extremely invasive, mainly taking about four hours. On the contrary, the short scar surgery for a facelift involves the whole process completed under just three houses as it is a minimally-invasive procedure.

No General Anesthetics Are Involved.

One of its most well-known advantages is the ability to do Short Scar Facelift Surgery using local anesthesia alone or in conjunction with a low-grade sedative as opposed to the general anesthesia required for more invasive operations. It makes it possible for you to have the procedure in a clinic instead of a hospital as an outpatient.

Instead, the sedative’s effects should dissipate quickly, allowing you to feel more like yourself in a few hours.

Faster Recovery Time

Whenever you opt for this procedure, you instantly return to your normal work schedule and restart your general activities. In reality, you can resume your normal routine less than a week after the procedure. The exact date of returning to normal and how sooner you can commence with your usual pastimes is suggested by your cosmetic surgeon.

Negligible Scarring

The short scar surgery for facelifts attains its vocation because the incisions made for the completion of the process are relatively shorter than those used under the modern facelift processes. In reality, the scarring is subtle and well-arranged, enabling patients to report that people around them were astonished to note or even believe that they had undergone facelift surgery.

Spontaneous & Genuine Results

Long-lasting, remarkably natural-looking results are obtained with a Short Scar Facelift procedure. Patients escape the pulled-in appearance frequently associated with traditional facelifts since hardly any traction is produced on the skin itself. Although the patient does appear more young and rejuvenated, the changes are so subtle that it is almost hard to tell whether a facelift has been performed.


Make sure to understand the benefits offered by short scar facelift surgeries. You can even get in touch with renowned doctors who can offer you extensive information.

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