Mark and Roberts Mermaid Leggings: New Way to Update Your Wardrobe

The 80’s were highly responsible for introducing the leggings trend. As the years flew we kept seeing them in stores but no one expected this season’s mermaid leggings trend.

The fashion industry is loaded with the leggings and they went up on the market practically overnight. When they were reintroduced in the late 2005, we loved wearing them.

We literally loved every day of our lives by wearing our favorite pair of leggings. There is no more comfortable appearance pull off than leggings. We have been wearing them for decades, nights and days.

As the mermaid trend appeared in leggings, gals embraced it immediately. They are that kind of clothing in which you fall in love at the first glance.

Their presence is everywhere to be found. Furthermore and to my own luck (as well as yours) I have spotted them at my favorite brand Mark and Roberts.

I was secretly hoping and crossing fingers for them to appear in one of their collections. Looking at their leggings collection I was amazed. They come in different colors that are perfectly matched.

However, there is one pair at which I have laid my eyes on – the pink mermaid print fish scales leggings. The vibrant pink is just not allowing you to pass by. It catches your eyes in an instant.

Since the leggings have made the trendy debut at Mark and Roberts, I could not help but purchase them. To be honest, I have worn them everywhere and I even pulled them off at work on a casual Friday. I love them so sue me! If I could, I would sleep in them, literally.

Additionally, the customer service at Mark and Roberts is flawless. Their team is so nice and they have answered every question that I had in mind and asked them. And more importantly, the brand has free shipping internationally.

But back to the leggings! Why is wonderful to wear them? Well, to begin with, the fabric is easy to wear and no dress can make you feel more comfortable.

On the subject of this, they are extremely eye-catchy. When I pulled the mermaid trend at work, I was greeted with tones of questions and comments: “Daring”; “OMG, I love them”; “Where did you get these beauties”; “How much are they?” etc.

Well, as to them the same goes to you, wonder no more and start enjoying your new favorite pair of leggings. Its 2017 for God’s sake and everything you pull off can only get a nice comment.

More importantly, it is an era of reinventing the old and embracing the new trends and a gal cannot help but not fall in love with these leggings. Having said this, I cannot wait to see the future of fashion trends.

To sum up, I am grateful that Mark and Roberts have made the mermaid print leggings available on their website because I loved their collections from the very beginning. Ladies, it is time for a mermaid “walk”.

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