Men’s Guide To Buy Luxury Shirts

Luxury Shirts

When you dress up smart, you feel more confident. For men, a well-fitted shirt is enough to make them look sharp and good looking. All you need to do is get the perfect fit and you are all set to rock any occasion.

You can find a great collection of luxury shirts from reputed brands. But you need to pick the right one for yourself. To help you out, we have laid down a guide to pick the right luxury shirt to suit your body type.

How to choose the right luxury shirt?

Here are the main factors that you need to keep in mind while selecting a luxury shirt for any occasion.

  1. Get the perfect fit

Fitting is everything when you want to look good in a branded shirt. Before you start selecting shirts for yourself, you need to first consider your body type. For example, whether you are tall or short.

The shirt you choose should fit perfectly against your body. it should have the perfect length, the placement of the seams should be correct and everything else. Before you buy it, it’s better to try it on and check how good it looks on you.

  1. Don’t forget the collar

Luxury shirts come with different types of collars. This includes four main designs pointed, removable, button-down and spread.

Most men simply ignore the style of their shirt’s collar. What they fail to realise is that it contributes to the overall look of their shirt. This is a small detailing but it is equally important as the other factors. You need to choose the collar type based on your body type.

 Luxury Shirts

If you have a heavier build then a pointed collar will work great for you. If you are a shorter man then you should go for a streamlined look. For the tall guys, you can go for a spread collar.

  1. Colour matters

Even the colour of the shirt you are wearing plays an important role. You should pick the color of your shirt based on your complexion. For example, if you have a dusky skin tone then you should avoid wearing vibrant colours like red. But if you have a fair looking guy then you can go for bright colors and look great.

Now that you know the basics to buy the perfect shirt, it shouldn’t be a problem for you anymore.

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