Men’s Leather Belt: A Purchasing Guide

Belts are one of the oldest pieces of human essentials and are now an important part of the fashion industry. Belts have been around for a long time dating back to the Bronze Age between 3300 and 1200 BC. Belts then were mostly made of ropes or fibers tied to hold the pants in place, though some observations of leather belts have also been made.

Over the years, the design of belts has progressed and now mens leather belt is a very important accessory for a stylish look. Here are some important tips on belts that every man should know:

1.          Own Two Belts

Every man must have at least two decent, good quality belts. A men’s leather belt and a casual fabric or braided belt are something that will always go with any look.

2.          Match Your Shoes

The entire look depends on the belt that matches your shoes. The color, the finish, EVERYTHING! If your belt is leather brown then your shoes must be brown. If your belt has a glossy finish (patent leather wet-look) then chooses shoes that have a glossy finish. So, fabric coupled with fabric, a suede leather with suede leather, and so on.

3.          Belt buckle

This may not seem important but fashion critics would tell you otherwise. The size, color, and type of your belt buckle must match your shoes. If you are going for black loafers with a silver horse bit make sure you are wearing a belt with a silver big buckle as well. Mens automatic belt buckles would go great with those loafers. If you are wearing sneakers, go with a silver classic belt buckle. Big buckles with a suit is a big no-no, it looks ridiculous.

4.          Size

Skinny belts of around 3.4cm (1-¼ inches) are for formal looks. Meanwhile, the thick belts around 3.9cm (1- ½ inches) are for casual looks. Men’s automatic belt has the advantage of a big belt buckle and is thick. They usually go with some formal looks. Don’t wear belts that are way bigger than your waist. For instance, if your waist is 33, go with a 35 size belt. It should fit the first or second hole.

There is a reason why belts have been popular since the Bronze Age and are now the peak of the fashion society. Following these rules might make heads turn and change your entire attire. In the end, it’s always the little things that matter.

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