Menstrual Care Tips That Every Woman Should Know

The menstruation cycle is common to every woman until you hit menopause. One of the most important things related to menstruation is menstrual care or hygiene. You have to make sure to maintain your menstrual hygiene during those 4-5 days a month.

Here are some tips that might prove to be helpful:

  1. Choosing a method of sanitation

As you already know there are different menstrual sanitation products available on the market. This includes menstrual cups, tampons, and sanitary napkins. But you need to choose the one that you feel most comfortable using. Like some women are more comfortable using tampons, while others prefer using sanitary pads or menstrual cups.

  1. Change regularly

Menstrual blood, once it leaves the body gets contaminated with bacteria and other innate organisms. This is why changing your pad or tampon every 5-6 hours is a must, especially when you are on heavy flow. If you leave the sanitary pads on for too long, you are risking yourself getting vaginal infections, skin rashes, and urinary tract infections.

  1. Clean yourself regularly

When you are on your periods, you feel nasty down there. The leaking menstrual blood tends to crust around your clit or labia. Therefore, you must clean and wash regularly. By doing so, you can also beat the bad odour from the vaginal region. If you are outdoors and cannot wash, you can at least use toilet paper or tissue to wipe yourself. You can find many menstrual care products on the site called All About Her. This is one of the best places to shop for your menstrual supplies. From tampons to soap bars to healthy tea for menstruation, they have it all.

  1. Use only one sanitation method at a time

Even if you are experiencing a heavy flow, you should use only one method of sanitation at a time. Wearing tampons and sanitary pads or wearing two sanitary napkins at a time is not at all recommended. Even though it seems like a good idea, but in reality, it’s not. We rather recommend you to change frequently. Wearing multiple sanitation methods at the same time can lead to discomfort, skin rashes, and even infections.

Menstrual care should be a priority for every woman and young girl. You must keep yourself clean and healthy down there during your menstrual cycle. Hopefully, you will find the tips in this article helpful.

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