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With the ever developing technologies, our bodies are almost giving up. Younger children, teenagers, and humans of every age are found with glasses glued to their vision today, and while we can’t change that, we can definitely make sure that with glasses comes to style. Here are a few tips that will help you choose a frame based on the most important factor, your face.

  • Round Shaped

Round shaped faces need wide and tall frames that don’t stick to the cheeks. Vibrant designs, wild colors, and prints are recommended to set a statement-making appearance. Strong angles and lines on the frames also boost the look.

  • Oval Shaped

Oval Shaped faces need wider frames than the face. Detailed designs help in contrasting with the face. Square shaped classic frames are one of the best matches of oval-shaped faces and high cheekbones highlighting the natural features. Overall, oval-shaped are already in their most perfect natural proportions and one should be careful not to mess that up or disproportionate the features.

  • Heart-Shaped

Heart-shaped faces already have a thinner or slimmer lower part. So the frame should balance that and make the face look proportional. Use frames that will minimize the forehead and upper face and will make the lower parts look wider because that is exactly what we want.

  • Square Shaped

Square shaped faces are basically the product of strong jawlines and sharp angular features. One way to balance that is by choosing a frame with a lot of angles and curves. Classic and traditional frames are not recommended, rather quirky abstracts are the better ones to steal the show for people with square faces.

Now that you know how to match your очила with all your fashion expertise make use of your knowledge, and get the best trendy attire among your groups.

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