New handmade Jewellery trends in the UK you can’t miss out on

Customisation is taking over the world. More and more people are inclining towards personalised jewellery pieces that would complement their attire and style. But, with so many available trends gaining momentum, which ones are worth the time and which ones are not? This is a question many of us struggle with. In case you have been wondering, we have sorted out some for you.

Tortoise shell jewellery

Even though this has faced a lot of criticism over the course of time, tortoise shell jewellery is one of the leading handmade jewellery options. This comes in varying shades and even designs. They come in playful shapes and designs as well, which again makes this an option looking into.


Another common handmade jewellery trend that has been gaining popularity is lucite. This sees through trend has experienced a lot of variations and designs. This has a very bold design and looks perfect with both casual and professional attires. The bright colours with gold accents are one of the best available options you can add to your collection.

Silver jewellery

If there is one handmade trend for jewellery in UK that is not going to end, it is silver. This multipurpose type comes in multiple designs, shapes, and varieties of look and design. Silver jewelleries have a very subtle look to them that everyone can wear. They are lightweight and complement almost any kind of look that you are aiming for. In case you do want to buy yourself some of the latest designs, Click Here.


Another popular handmade jewellery trend in the UK that is never going out of trend is the use of Gems. They make for some of the most exquisite pieces and look amazing with almost any kind of vibe that you are aiming for. It can be used for the bold looks and the subtle, professional looks as well. It depends on the colour combinations and the overall design.

Bright Enamel

Last but not least is the bright enamel designs. These are quite amazing for the ones who like to wear a pop of colour. If you are bored with the staple gold and silver, these lightweight options are quite amazing.

In case you like to flow with the trend, some of the jewellery trends in the UK that you can take a look into. You must get a piece of each to try out different looks and styles.

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