Off-Beat & Super-Stylish Groom Wear Trends that are Going to Prevail in 2019

Boring, this one is too unappealing, for the love of almighty could you please show something trendy and fashionable? These are just some of the most common statements you will find men uttering at the wedding wear shops.

Unlike brides, grooms don’t have ample choices in wedding outfits to run experiments on their appearance. Also, we have observed that a huge chunk of the grooms-to-be is afraid to try something new and off-beat wedding outfit. If you really want to match up the bride appearance and stay high on the trend-meter, you need to select the kind of wedding outfit that not only resonates with your personality but also establish your image as a trendsetter.

2019 is the year of high hopes and merriment for the men as various prominent fashion designers already have and going to launch some never seen before the groom wear collection.  Soon or later, these collections will hit the shops for groom wear in lucknow, and grooms can grab their coveted outfit without much of a hitch.

If you really want to stand out as the most well-dressed men in your wedding function, we recommend you to check out these off-beat and ravishing groom wear trends are going to top the chart in 2019. Take some inspiration fellas!

  1. Geometric Safas

The trend of geometric safas fired up when Bachchan’s first wore it in the #yuvshree wedding. Trust us, we are still very thankful to the Bachchans for introducing the geometric safas that grooms can inculcate in their wedding attire to achieve a dapper look.

  1. Embroidered Brooch

Do you like to keep things sassy and classy, when it comes to wedding attire? Give a shot to the embroidered brooch and we are damn sure that it will take you places. Brooches add grace to the attire and an embroidered brooch is nothing less than the cherry on the cake to achieve an irresistible look.

  1. Front Open Jacket Style Sherwanis

The moment you throw a glare on the front open jacket style sherwani, its appearance will baffle you for sure. Open jacket style sherwanis are very uncommon and that’s what makes them ideal groom wear to grab tons of attention.

  1. Ombre Sherwanis

Once ombre was spotted only on the bridal wears but slowly and steadily, this design has entered into the realm of groom’s wear. Undeniably, ombre look astonishing on the light shade sherwanis and kurtas. For a drool-worthy traditional appearance, hop on to Ombre sherwanis.

  1. Layered Kurtas with Contrasting Colors

The trend of layered kurtas with contrasting colors gained momentum in 2018 and is topping the groom wear trends chart in 2019.  Layered kurtas look super cool and can give any ordinary-looking groom a noteworthy appearance. Pick the layered kurtas with contrasting colors in darker shades for a royal and highly mature look.

  1. Offbeat Color Suits

Just stalk few of the pictures of Ranveer Singh Instagram account and you will get to know why we included offbeat color suits in our list. If your personality can carry all the colors quite well then, there is no dearth of collection for you.  Channel your inner quirkiness and coolness by trying your hands on offbeat color suits.

  1. Top to Bottom Monotone White

From wedding attire to all the accessories like safa, jutti, and jewelry in one single color, white. Isn’t that would give chick and dapper look to the groom? The monotone white wedding attire with matching color pieces of jewelry would surely look super amazing on the grooms and make the most boring of personalities quite interesting.

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