Om and Ah Tips for an Enjoyable and Stress-Free Holiday Shopping

A lot of people consider the Christmas holiday shopping season as the most beautiful time of the year. Imagine the smiles of the kids on Christmas morning as you look for the perfect gift, singing Christmas carols as you walk the aisles. Of course, it is not all jingle bells and sugarplums.

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Overpriced pieces, long lines, malls with hundreds, if not thousands of shippers who are on Santa’s naughty list – it can start to feel more like a horror movie than a season of jingle bells and Christmas spirit. Just some holiday shopping mall mishaps and the holiday spirit can turn into holiday nightmare before you can say “can you pass the eggnog?”

And if you are already feeling a little grumpy about the whole holiday thing, it is not just for you. According to recent studies, at least 80% of Americans today reveal that they felt more stressed out during the holidays compared to other months of the year, and nearly 33% admit that looking for gifts is the primary reason for the stress.

In other studies, conducted by VitalSmarts, at least 46% of respondents said that looking and shopping for gifts is very stressful for them and half of the respondents believe that financial concern is one of the primary concerns in their head during this time of the year.

But this article can help you in this department. We collected some excellent tips to make a stress-less environment this holiday season. Take some time to practice these tricks and tips will help you put the fun and excitement back into this time of the year by making things easier on yourself and your budget while you are choosing a gift to purchase.

Start doing online shopping earlier

A lot of big retailers like Amazon, eBay, Om & Ah London or Alibaba have already released their Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. Some call it a Pre-Black Friday deals. Get an early start on your holiday shopping by choosing and picking up electronics, appliance or buzzed-about and trendy toys without battling the store crowds on Black Friday sale. To help people out, we have rounded up some of the best deals this season to make your Black Friday browsing a lot easier. 

Check out social media platforms for ideas

Been there, done that: Your company or family’s Christmas party is right around the corner and you need a perfect gift, but you can’t find the right one. A recent study suggests that knowing what gift to buy was the number one reason why a lot of shoppers worry when the holiday season is coming.

Social media platforms are here to help you with your problem. A quick look at your co-worker or loved one’s social media account can offer some inspiration – just check out their Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account and look at their recent posts and likes for any ideas.

Make a list and make sure to check it twice

There is a reason why Santa Clause makes a detailed list every Christmas – it makes his holiday shopping run more smoothly. We do not know about other people, but most of us forget half of the things we are planning to buy if we do not write it down.

Instead of going rogue and purchase anything that you first laid your eyes on because you forgot what your friends, co-worker or your family likes. That is why it is very important to make a list of all the things that you are planning to buy as a gift.

Plan your store trip, like how the military plans its operation

So, you think you have everything in your list, but you realize that you are still one gift short. There is no time to do an emergency online shopping since shipping the item will take time. Your best option is to go to the nearest mall and buy the gift that you need.

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When this happens, you need to plan ahead of time to minimize stress. Map out all the stores that you are planning to visit, what are the gifts you are planning to purchase at the stores you are visiting and the order you are planning to stop at every location. It will save you a lot of time or sanity to spend a few minutes planning a strategy before you go gift hunting at the mall.

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