Pairing Men’s Canvas Shoes with Jeans, Trousers and Shorts

“Tis’ is the season” of sun beaming its rays, air getting thin around us as the summer season would be on its peak. Summer season can be a bit hard on all of us because of the high temperature, suffocation and humidity. However, summers are also all about adventure, fun and excitement. We want to enjoy vacations in every way, going to a picnic, a park, or maybe some hill station to enjoy the best moment of our life. And In that kind of weather, the most difficult question which we get is which footwear to choose?

Of course, you want to be comfortable in this weather and do not want to go hard on yourselves by wearing heavy shoes and trainers unless it is very important. Canvas shoes for men can be the best answer in this regard. These shoes are very comfortable, light weight and keep your feet protected in such a hot weather as they are made of cloth. They look cool and stylish when paired with anything of your choice, jeans, shorts, trouser, etc. Hey Dude Shoes has got a variety of shoes for you to buy. They have a huge variety of men canvas shoes which you can pair up with any bottom of your choice.

Here are few of the options which you can pick with Hey Dude Shoes especially in Men’s Canvas shoes category.


Summers and shorts are the best option together and if you wear a canvas shoes with them, then you are adding cherry on top of it. The style will look super chic and perfect. You can wear denim shorts, jersey shorts, board shorts or any other style you are comfortable with. Wear it with an oversized t-shirt or maybe a check shirt with suspenders. Trust me, this will look amazing on you as you will walk by you neighborhood. You can pick the canvas shoes from Hey Dude Shoes to pair up with the dress and you would be ready to go.


Not all of the men are comfortable in wearing shorts. Sometimes they are not comfortable or maybe they have no mood of going out in shorts. Or maybe someone is going to some hill station to spend the vacation. Well, in that case there is nothing to be worried about. Canvas shoes are versatile when it comes to styling. You can wear these shoes with jeans as well. Straight leg jeans would be the best to pair up with canvas shoes. Always choose the jeans which has the best fitting for you. Other than this, if you want to go with the street style then why don’t you pick a cuffed jeans or some ripped jeans to match up with the canvas shoes you got from Hey Dude Shoes? This would be the best combination to go with in the summers.


Whatever you wear become a style for people. You do not have to go with the majority, be smart and be different. Trousers like chinos can be the best canvas partner in summer for you. This makes the whole combo classy and makes you look different than the rest of the people. And that’s what you really want.

Summers is all about making yourself comfortable and relaxed without having to worry about the choices you are making right now. Men’s canvas shoes are comfortable and easy to wear. They are best to protect your shoes in heat. Find the best quality men’s canvas shoes from


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