Questions You Need To Ask When Looking For A Commercial Photographer

When purchasing branded consumer products, you know that regardless of where you buy them, you are receiving the same thing. The only reason why you would decide to shop around is because of price and availability. However, when it comes to hiring a commercial photographer in Brisbane, price and availability are not necessarily useful factors to consider when placing your brand in their hands.

A professional and highly skilled commercial photographer in Brisbane is in demand and can demand a fee that is commensurate with their experience and skill. Additionally, they are most likely fully booked, so booking in advance is advisable.

If you compare this to a cheap commercial photographer in Brisbane, they will always be available and will cost less, but the quality of work they will deliver will be mediocre. So, If you are on the market for a commercial photographer in Brisbane, below are some questions to ask before hiring them;

1. What Are My Usage Rights And Fees? Is There A Limit To How I Can Use Them?

Do you know that a commercial photographer in Brisbane will only allow you to use the images they shoot for a specific time, or in a particular situation? Buying from some photographers, depending on the market and type of photography, may mean only having usage rights for probably one to five years. It can also be based on your planned distribution, that is web, local or regional usage.

Unlimited rights are commonly expensive and a complete copyright release could break your budget. All of these rights ought to be listed on bid and contract offered by a commercial photographer in Brisbane.

You will need to ensure your commercial photographer in Brisbane tells you what your usage rights are and the price they quote you may not include the usage rights you need.

2. Do You Have At Least Three References For This Type Of Photography?

If a commercial photographer in Brisbane is trying to establish themselves in the photography industry, they should have a portfolio showcasing their personal growth. What is of crucial importance is that the commercial photographer has the necessary experience.

One of the most challenging things in photography is shooting for your portfolio as compared to collaborating on set with clients and art directors. Thus, a professional commercial photographer in Brisbane should be able to give you three or more contactable references who can attest to their skills.

3. How Do You Price Your Jobs?

When bidding for a new client, a commercial photographer in Brisbane must submit a written bid for each project that they quote. The estimations should include all photography fees, assisting costs, post-production fees, equipment and studio rental, backgrounds, props,, usage rights, copyright information, and payment terms.

In addition to the bid, your preferred commercial photographer in Brisbane must also submit a contract and it will include cancellation policies together with payment terms and usage fees. The contract and the bid can either come as one document or separate documents.

4. How Much Post-Production Work Was Done On The Images In Your Portfolio?

There is no denying that Photoshop is the next best thing after sliced (gluten-free) bread. Many photographers used it on every image they deliver to their clients, as well as those in their portfolio. Photoshop, and similar software, add a robust, finishing touch to every photo and also enhances the talented natural eye of the commercial photographer in Brisbane.

It is essential to be aware of the fact that some may use it to cover up their bad techniques. Or in a worse case scenario there could be hidden charges in your price for Photoshop work and made to assume the quality sample pictures were straight out of their camera.

5. After Shooting, What Is Your Turnaround Time For Delivery?

Asking your commercial photographer in Brisbane this question will let you know their standard turnaround time. Rushing them through their normal process to fit into your timeline will cost you extra.

Knowing their timeline in advance will assist you in scheduling your job far enough to meet your deadlines, while keeping your allocated budget in check.

6. Do You Have Insurance?

A million dollar question that separates ‘the men from the boys’ is, do you have insurance?

Typically, a commercial photographer in Brisbane will bring their equipment and crew along. The projects they undertake might be at a construction site or in an industrial area that is crawling with liabilities. Or they plug their lights in a socket that cuts power to the entire building.

A professional and qualified commercial photographer in Brisbane will have both liability and a commercial insurance policy that protects them.

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