RIDME –Eliminating Stress about Getting Dressed

RIDME is a new fashion app that provides unbiased expert opinions for items of clothing. The app comes with a rating system whereby certified image consultants provide ratings and feedback for items uploaded by users on the app. A user uploads photos wearing a piece of clothing, and certified image consultants give their opinion if they should keep the item or purge it. Users can also upload photos of items of clothing when shopping for clothing and receive expert opinion on whether or not to buy a particular item.

This app is great for a wide range of people due to its functionality and easy to use interface. Some of the people who can benefit from RIDME include working professionals, moms, busy people, socialites, celebrities, and social media enthusiasts. RIDME is great for anyone who wants to feel confident, making it a convenient app for retired women and men and women aged between 20s -50s. Whether you’re dressing for work, an event, a date, or interview, RIDME will ensure you choose an outfit that will make you feel better and send a send good impression. If you’re shopping for clothing for a particular purpose, RIDME will help you choose clothes for your body type. Therefore, you’ll be able to save money on wardrobe mistakes.

RIDME –Eliminating Stress about Getting Dressed

How does RIDME work?

RIDME is absolutely simple to use by just about anyone. With its easy upload interface, both seniors and young professionals will enjoy using the innovative app. Simply download the app and create your profile in a matter of minutes. Take a photo of the piece of clothing you want to receive expert opinion about and upload it to the app. You can upload photos from anywhere, whether in the dressing room in a clothing store or when trying unworn clothes in your closet. Once you’ve uploaded the photo, you’ll receive confidential and trustworthy ratings from professional fashion consultants. The unbiased ratings from professionals will help you determine whether or not to keep or get rid of a piece of clothing from your wardrobe. If you’re shopping for clothing, the ratings will help you determine whether or not to buy an item. You can choose to simply receive the rating or request for feedback on why the item is great or a fail. This will help you make better decisions when shopping for clothing in the future.

Benefits of RIDME

  • Uses professional fashion professionals for rating and feedback to ensure users receive confidential and unbiased opinions. This helps users to make the right wardrobe decisions and save money.
  • Has a simple to understand rating system that anyone will easily understand.
  • Easy to use with an easy upload interface, allowing users to seamlessly upload photos for rating and feedback.
  • Alleviates the emotional trauma associated with getting dressed and shopping for clothing.
  • The app is fun to use and can be used anywhere.
  • Helps to improve the user’s image
  • Teaches users how to shop for clothing in the future.

RIDME is an expertly designed fashion app that helps you create an ideal personal image, save money, and alleviate wardrobe panic from the convenience of your phone.

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