Samuel Zelig is Launching Men’s Wear Collection 1 in Fall 2020

If you are wondering about the way you could style in the fall, then Samuel Zelig has a huge collection coming your way as they are launching Men’s Wear collection 1 in fall 2020 with the latest trends on type 2 jacket and others coming your way. This luxury workwear brand takes its inspiration from French, Japanese, and American workwear and the style of the past. They give their touch and go for a single stitch to maintain the authenticity of the style and offer you more than you bargained for. The brand was born out of LA by Dylan Lubell and Jonathan Levite in 2019.

The brand has balanced craftsmanship with techniques and Japanese fabric that are sourced from the best that shows the modern nostalgia, something everyone would fall in love with. No wonder this brand has gained huge popularity among the people. They focus on the contemporary approach to uniform silhouette and if you are looking for something modern but a touch of the past in terms of selvage and repurposed Vintage, then they would be a great choice.

Samuel Zelig Offers Fall Collection That Celebrates the Season

Each piece of clothing is made with care to the last detail. The line of clothing including double knee pants follows versatility as well as simplicity. The collection that would be launched in September would give you a look into the vintage style of everyday attire including RIRI Zippers that could only be witnessed in a different era but something the fashion lovers of today should not miss.

The Latest Trends of Men Fashion This Fall

Suede Denim and fall go hand in hand. This season is not too hot nor too cold but perfect to drape something warm and enjoy what the season has to offer. Made in Los Angeles, do not forget to try on the denim shirts, pants, and a lot more including jackets.

Strapped up tailoring including Cobra X snaps and finished with chest-straddling attachments and overcoats, classic suit jackets, all are in this season.

Nowadays, red is not just a color associated with women. The Sun-washed red color is something that has been dominating the runways and makes you look bold but refreshing in this season. Oil wash red color offers a more glamorous look that could be your go-to attire for the Halloween office party.

Leather could never get old. From leather wide-legged trousers and black leather, do not forget to check them out.

Check out the various designs that this brand has to offer on and get your wardrobe ready for fall.

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