Scarves: Versatile and Always in Style

Generally, one thinks of fashion as cyclical. Items go out of style only to come back several years later with a slight twist. The balance between not looking outdated, and not looking like one is covered head to toe in trends, is delicate. Luckily, there are a few wardrobe staples we can count on to always look classic, never dated or tired. These are pieces like a chic pencil skirt or a well-cut blazer. The reason these classics never go out of style is that they are versatile and workable for day or night, work or play. Similarly, a designer scarf is the pencil skirt of the accessory world: always stylish and wearable. By following a few simple tips, it is easy to select and style a scarf for a wide variety of outfits and occasions, proving they are a great compliment to a classically beautiful look.

Finding the Right Scarf

A truly timeless designer scarf should be carefully selected with both style and substance in mind. This means quality matters, and so does fabric. Do you want a heavier scarf for warmth? Something lighter to protect the skin on sunnier days? The goal is to get a beautiful piece that suits both lifestyle and wardrobe. The scarves from a designer like Victoria Ragna are available in high-quality wool, cashmere, or silk in a variety of prints so they are suitable for all climates, seasons, and styles. Be sure to select a scarf that goes with existing outfits or simply falls in a commonly worn color palette for simple styling. Ensure that your purchase will last by buying from a brand with a reputation for quality, not just stylishness. There is little point in buying a timeless item that will not last!

How to Style a Scarf

Once the perfect scarf is purchased, how can it be used to accent an outfit? This answer is limited only by creativity. A beautiful scarf can be fastened around the hair, used to draw attention to a favorite bag, or worn tied around the neck in any number of unique and lovely ways. One of the reasons scarves do not go out of style is that they can be used in so many ways. One method of accessorizing a scarf may go out of style, but a luxurious print and a well-paired outfit will always be fashion-forward. Use the scarf to draw attention wherever desired, as a lovely print and fabric does tend to catch the eye.

Some Final Thoughts…

When items tend to be heirlooms, there is a reason for it. People pass down their favorite jewelry, purses, and scarves because these can be worn and loved by future generations. A beautiful diamond ring will still be a beautiful diamond ring decades after being purchased. That is also true of a luxury scarf. So, purchase one that will last for years, and get generations of value out of a well-selected accessory. Select a style and a quality fabric that works today, to enjoy it for years to come.

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