Sleep under the Same Star Your Love One Sleeps under Every Night

There are millions of stars in the night sky with many being extremely bright and others we are barely able to see. For reasons unknown, years ago the stars in the heavens were looked upon by lovers as a romantic symbol of their love for each other. No matter how far apart they were they both slept under the same star and they would name a star in a constellation as the one they celebrate together.

Invention of the telescope

Now in current times more stars can be seen thanks to the invention of the telescope. There are organizations that take the coordinates of each star and give the star a number and they are listed as numbers in “Astrophysical Observatory Catalogs”. By using these coordinates and numbers they are able to tell if a star has been named. If not, there are several online companies that will help you name a star after someone you love.

Unique gift

Now, there is really no way to know if the star gets named since there are many services that will help you to name a star in the sky or to name a star after someone. But it is an innovative gift to give someone that you love for a special occasion – Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, wedding days are all special times to give someone a star to show your love for them.


What they send

Most organizations will (for a small fee) send an information packet to the person who is the recipient of your gift and that Gift Pack will include:

  • Certificate;
  • Letter of Congratulation;
  • Constellation information letter;
  • In a beautiful designed folder with free delivery.

The Certificate in this package includes:

  • Coordinates of the star;
  • Constellation the star is in;
  • Registration date;
  • Name of the person to whom you have dedicated the star;
  • And a message that you can send along in the packet.

Means the same

What does this mean? It means the same thing as it did centuries ago – no matter how far apart you and your love are, you will both sleep under the same star each night. Or, you can give one to your mother for Mother’s Day and tell her that she is always the twinkle in your eye.

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