Some Gifts to Think about Getting Your Mother for Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 8th is the day we all celebrate our Mothers. The initial proclamation occurred in 1870 when Julia Howe asked women everywhere to join for world peace after her mother died.


President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed in 1914 that on the 2nd Sunday in May would be a national holiday in honour of mothers.


The symbol of Mother’s Day is the white carnation. It is now worn as an emblem of purity, endurance, and strength for motherhood.

Gifts for Mother’s Day

It is never too early to start looking for the best gifts for Mother. Never wait until the last minute as all the great gifts will often be gone. Also now is when they are beginning to have Mother’s Day sales.

Traditional gifts

Some people have traditional gifts for Mom that they give every year such as:

  • Flowers;
  • Mother’s Day brunch;
  • New hat for church;
  • New charm for her charm bracelet.

But with the dawning of the internet, people can find a unique gift from anywhere in the world.

Gifts for Mother’s Day

Gift baskets

Gift baskets are fun since you can fill them with almost anything. There are Junk Food Gift Baskets as well as gift baskets full of chocolates. If your mother likes to have a glass of wine occasionally, there is Mother’s Day Chardonnay Wine Gift Baskets.


If your mother’s children are all adults, go in together and get her a pearl necklace or a diamond pin – something to take her breath away! Or that piece of jewelry she has always wanted and never would spend the money on herself.


If your mother is an avid reader, you will never go wrong with buying her the newest best seller – readers are easy to find books for.

Most of all

Never forget to tell her especially on this day, how very much you love her.

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