Sort and Significance of Fashion in People’s Life

Fashion is not only clothes but also a reflection of your personality. It could be designed by a renowned couturier or by manufacturing organizations. It is a medium to express individuality, boost confidence and create an image in people’s minds. The selection of a costume is based on the nature of work that one will perform, the occasion a person is going to attend or theme-based parties. Dress according to the event is about giving respect to the people gathering and the occasion.

Fashion and Its importance:

  • Fashion varies from person to person. It is the choice of an individual which kind of clothes they will select depending upon fabric, traditional or western style or compatible with seasonal changes.
  • Fashion is not only clothing but also adding suitable accessories to add grace and elegance to the costume. Accessories may include belts, bags, brooches, bracelets, bangles, anklets as per the style of the dress.
  • Dress fabricators should consider the values and beliefs of the multicultural people to design clothes according to their taste.
  • Fashion is not limited to women; men also prefer to wear stylish clothes as per current trends going on in the market.

Types of Clothing material:

Fabrics are made from a different kind of natural or artificial raw material or by mixing both. It depends on the fabric for which season it is suitable, body odor control, ultraviolet ray protection, and elasticity. An example of natural fabric is a Bamboo fabric, which is using bamboo pulp from the bamboo grass. Clothes made out of Bamboo have soaking and antibacterial properties to reduce sweat smell and appropriate for both winters and summers to maintain correct body temperature.

Role of Fabric in Fashion:

For a satisfying experience, the fine quality of the fabric is the key driver to make a dress comfortable and trendy. Nature-based fabrics such as cotton, linen or leather from animals are not suitable for weddings or traditional functions. We have to go to synthetic clothes or materials made from chemicals or fuels. The look of a costume is entirely dependent on the fabric used in it and the accessories added to make it more beautiful. Online fashion covers the whole market of clothing and accessories. Customers prefer to search for thousands of options from home to save time and effort.

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