South Africa, Its Standard of Living and Cultures

The South African culture is one of ethnic diversity. The majority of South African is people live in rural areas who largely lead lives that are impoverished. It is amid these people, where traditions of culture survival is the most strong; as South Africans have increasingly become Westernized and urbanized with characteristics of traditional culture having started to decline.

Languages spoken

Urban South Africans normally are speakers of English or Afrikaans as well as their own native language. There smaller groups and are speakers of Khoisan languages, included in the 11 languages that are official, being one of the eight that are officially recognized languages. There are also small groups of natives who are speakers of languages that are endangered with the majority of them coming from the Khoisan family, that receive no official status; however, many groups within South Africa are starting to indorse their revival. This is the life as well as the lifestyle of South Africa.

In transition

South Africa is a society in transition with numerous population groups having various languages, cultural backgrounds and origins all coexist in South Africa. The larger groups are:

Zulus (21%);

Xhosas (17%);

And Sotho (15%)

Next are smaller minorities, like the Tswana, Ndebele, Venda, and Swasi, Pedi as well as others.

Living Standards

The LSM or “Living Standards Measure” is a research and marketing tool that is used to divide all the population of South African population by deciles according to their disposable income as well as their standard of living. These divisions include 10 deciles with LSM 1 being the decile for those with the fewest means and decile 10 being the segment of the populist having the highest means.

Republic of Gambia

The Republic of Gambia referred to as just Gambia, is a country in Western African and the smallest country in the continent of Africa. It is bordered to the south, north and the east by Senegal and bordered on the west by the Gambia River with a small coast on the Atlantic Ocean.

Safe for travel to Africa

Yes, it is safe for anyone to travel in South Africa. It is as safe as many of the other destinations that tourist go to in the world. However, this does not mean nothing will ever happen. Most visitors to South Africa will scarcely come across any crime.

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