Steps To Make A Peyote Bezel From Glass Beads For A Rivoli

Rivoli is a faceted crystal rhinestone. To give them an extra sparkle they are covered with a foil on the back side and ends at a central point. In order to secure their beauty the crystals are not drilled and so you will need a bezel to adjust them in your jewelry project. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you learn how to stitch a peyote using the glass beads.

1-Make a ring of glass beads

You should use a 12 mm size crystal and in case your Rivoli crystal is larger or smaller you can adjust the number of glass beads accordingly. Once you will adjust the number of beads for the first ring, the further process will be easy. Use the process of stringing to know the number of beads you should use. Always keep an even number and start making the ring that fits the back edge of Rivoli.

2-Start the bezel with even count tubular peyote

Pick the bead, skip the bead, and then stitch the next glass beads into the base of the ring. You have to work in the tubular form and keep the count even. You should pull snugly so that the glass beads will sit perfectly on each other to form a ring.

3-Add Rivoli

Continue the process and end when you have 5 rows.

  • The rows should remain flat
  • Once you have reached the 5th row, place the Rivoli in the center of the ring
  • Pull the rows snugly so the glass beads will adjust around the Rivoli

4-Finsih stitching by holding Rivoli in place

You have to ensure that the tail of the thread is coming from behind of the Rivoli. Once you start making the 6th and 7th row, you have to hold the crystal in its place. Use one hand to stabilize the bead and other to stitch. Hold the crystal in non-dominant hand as it would be easier for you to work.

5-Add a round of 15 mm glass beads in front and back

Once you are done with the final round of the glass beads, you should add a row of 15 mm beads on the front and back of the peyote. It will secure the crystal in its places. Use one and half of the hitch knots to knot the threads between the glass beads. Weave the ends and clip them together and you can also use a thread burner.

6-Use it in a project

Once you have added the knots, the final work has been done. Do not worry in the peyote moves a little around the crystal because it will not ruin the perfect look.

Now you can add your Rivoli crystal to your jewelry project. The glass beads will enhance the overall look of the crystal and you can use it to make necklace, rings or earrings. They are available in many different colors. So select the perfect combination.

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