Testosterone Is Helpful In Various Ways

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The hormone testosterone is responsible for the expansion of male sexual features. Females too manufacture this steroid, but generally in small amounts. This steroid is a form of androgen produced mainly by the testicles in cells known as Leydig cells. If you do not produce sufficient testosterone, then you will be declared infertile. This is due to the reason that spermatogenesis, which means an increase of mature sperm needs testosterone. In males, this steroid is known to regulate many functions combined with sperm production. It increases sex drive, regulates fat distribution, increases bone mass, red blood cell production, and muscle size and power.

Affecting the body

The levels of this supplement in your body are regulated by the pituitary gland. When the levels are not high, the pituitary gland rushes to act and discharges luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone that initiates the testicles for producing more of this hormone. The levels of this hormone in men depend on age. Before you reach puberty levels remain low but rise during adolescence. This encourages a deeper voice, larger muscles, and growth of body and facial hair. When you will reach the age of 40 years, at this point the level becomes the highest. After this, the level starts declining. Normal levels depend on several factors, like age, genetics, and health. Visit for various impacts of steroids on humans.

Before injecting this steroid into your body particularly for non-medical reasons, like bigger muscles, bodybuilding and enhanced strength and endurance be mindful of the modes of injection. A male with low levels of this hormone would experience various symptoms, like low sperm production, impotency, infertility, reduced sex drive, erectile disfunctioning, more body fat, a decrease in bone density and reduced muscle mass. Additionally, if you are affected by low levels you will experience many emotional, mental and psychological changes which include an absence of interest in enjoyable activities. You would also lack your motivation, self-esteem, and self-confidence.


The only way to get confirmed of a low level of this drug is to visit a physician and get a test done. It is a part of your common knowledge that the levels of hormone do tend to lessen with age, but there are certainly other reasons also, like a disease, illness and an imbalance of hormones which results in low levels of this hormone in your body. It is advised to resist the impulse to self-diagnose and trying to treat on your own. It has also been observed that under the best circumstances combined with a physician’s careful guidance it becomes tough to balance hormone levels.

Helping the obese men

This drug has been suggested to be a treatment option for obese men as studies proved links between low testosterone levels, insulin resistance, and cardiovascular risk. However, it is true that obesity itself is capable of affecting the levels of this hormone. The declining levels of this hormone are part of the complicated downward cycle. A current research says that a change in lifestyle and dietary modifications are also important for the obese men in order to shed their body weight. Visit to gather all-round information about this hormone.

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