The Bench Built Wallet – Classy, Minimal, And Unique!


The Bench Built Wallet Is A New Product On The Market That’s Perfect For People Looking To Have A Minimalistic Wallet Without Being Limited To Space. It’s Often That Smaller, More Simpler Wallets Can Only Hold A Few Cards Or Bills, Which Is What Makes The Bench Built Wallet Such A Great Purchase.

Nobody Loves Having A Bulky Wallet. Struggling With Fitting Cards, Money, Pictures, And Anything Else In Can Be A Pain To Do, Especially If Your Wallet Just Keeps Getting Bigger With Each Thing You Add. It Makes It More Difficult To Bring Your Wallet With You If You Intent On Putting It In Your Pocket. The perfect little wallet that can grow with your needs – up to 10 cards and 15 bills!

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With The Bench Built Wallet, This Issue Disappears. The Wallet Is Able To Hold Up To Ten Cards And Fifteen Bills Without Even Growing A Single Bit. You’ll Find That This Wallet Is Perfect If You Have Various Cards And Cash That You Like To Carry Around With You Without The Hassle Of Having A Wallet That’s Simply Too Thick To Carry.

The Best Part About This Wallet Is That You Can Carry This Much Without Even Feeling Like You Are. The Bench Built Wallet Will Stay Slim While Securely Holding All Of Your Cards. Even Your Money Will Be Safely Secured And Held In Place With The Strong Magnet Clip. The Wallet Itself Is Rfid Protected, Meaning That Your Cards Will Be Safe From The Magnet.

Moving On From The Overall Functionality Of The Wallet, The Design Itself Is Eye Catching And Beautiful. Each Wallet Is Hand Crafted And Hand Stitched With Genuine Leather, Ensuring Amazing Quality. There’s Even A Lifetime Warranty On The Wallets To Make Sure That You Get The Most Out Of It. The Clips On The Wallet Are Wooden And Sturdy, A Great Addition To The Leather Wallet.

There’s Many Different Classical Colors And Designs To Choose From When It Comes To Picking A Type Of Wallet That You Want. You’ll Find That Each Design And Color Is A Great Choice No Matter What, Since Each Is Luxurious Enough To Catch The Eyes Of Others. Their Newest Collection Even Features Exotic Materials That Include Supple Ostrich, Edgy Cayman Crocodile, And Statement-Making Hornback Leathers.

Each Wallet Is Professionally Crafted And Designed With Love And Care, Ensuring That The Wallet You Get Is Top Quality. The Leather Is Stitched Together Wonderfully, And It’s A Rather Strong Hold To Make Sure The Wallet Doesn’t Fall Apart.

If You’re Interested In Getting A Bench Built Wallet For Yourself Or Someone You Know, You Can Get Your Hands On One By Backing Their Kickstarter Campaign Here. Not Only Is It Guaranteed That You’ll Get One As Soon As They’re Available, It’s Also Cheaper Than It Would Be To Buy Them After They’re Released.

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